YR Hunter King sis Joey Nailed It Double Trouble
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What do daytime stars have to do to get the respect they deserve? 

Last week, The Young and the Restless’ Sasha Calle was subtly dissed when mainstream outlets reported dismissively that a “soap actress” had landed the part of Supergirl in the upcoming movie The Flash. Fans quickly rallied to show their support and drive home the point that daytimers are some of the hardest-working people in the business… and that some pretty famous names got their start on soaps.

Yet this week, when People magazine reported details on the new season of the Netflix baking show Nailed It, they managed to become the latest outlet to do a soap star wrong: They revealed that as part of this year’s team twist — dubbed Double Trouble, as seen in the trailer below — contestants would include “actress Joey King, who will partner with one of her sisters.”

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The story included an exclusive photo under which the caption simply read “Joey King and her sister.”

Do we even have to tell you that the unnamed sis is The Young and the Restless star Hunter King?

Now, nobody out there is a bigger supporter of Joey than sis Hunter. When the former was named Comedy Movie Star of 2020 for her work in the Netflix movie The Kissing Booth 2, the latter was cheering her on. “Incredible human, amazing sister, very good gift wrapper, homemade peach pie extraordinaire, caring, thoughtful, stunning, funny and the People’s Choice Award Best Comedy Movie Star?” wrote Hunter on her Instagram page. “This girl wears all the hats!”

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Heck, anybody who saw Joey’s work as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the gripping miniseries The Act knows that this is a young woman who’s going places. But to be fair, so is her big sis, who has taken home two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress (and been nominated another three times). And we’re willing to bet that both young ladies are equally proud of sister Kelli.

What we don’t get is why it’s so darn hard for daytime actors to get the respect they both deserve and have earned. Perhaps we can help make up for this latest diss by encouraging you to hit the comments to show the King sisters a little love. Meanwhile, as we wait to find out if Joey’s peach pie recipe helps the real-life sibs win Nailed It, why not peruse the below gallery of reel-life brothers and sisters?

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