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Let’s just say they’re still working this workout… er, out.

Nothing makes exercising more fun than having someone to do it with, right? Sweats are like happy hours, meant to be shared. So we could understand why General Hospital leading man Chad Duell might be talked into trying a tricky strength-building move with his fiancée, Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope. Heck, it might’ve even been his idea.

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Alas, the attempt “didn’t go well,” he captioned an Instagram video posted March 1 in which the term “epic fail” was hilariously redefined in a way that, had we not seen it, we’d have been sure only we could accomplish.

“Get on all fours, and then put your elbows and hands on your” face, Sally’s portrayer told him as if she’d pulled off the feat a zillion times before. “You ready? Three… two… one… ”

With that, Sally’s real-life alter ego threw back her arms as if she was Supergirl taking off… and just sorta levitated in place, as if she had muscles none of the rest of us do.

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Duell, on the other hand… Oy. He was not ready. He simply went splat.

“I don’t understand,” he said afterwards. “I’m not gonna engage my core at all. I’m just gonna face-plant.”


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Ah, and that he did. You can watch the clip in full above; it’s much funnier than our description could possibly be. In fact, you’ll likely join Hope in watching it several times. “I can’t get enough of this video,” she admitted. “It’s my favorite!”

You might also like to check out Hope’s former Bold & Beautiful castmate Darin Brooks (Wyatt) pulling the same move with wife Kelly Kruger Brooks (Eva). Next to their video, she wrote, “I am so tired of not being able to prank him. He’s supposed to fall on his face because of men’s center of gravity vs. women’s, but he clearly saw this before and got ahead of me.”


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