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Is it possible that Adam can still redeem himself with Sharon’s daughter… or is it hopeless?

Sharon and Adam seem to be irresistibly drawn to one another time and again, but after sharing an illicit kiss that was captured in a photo that spread like wildfire online, the reactions of those around them make a Shadam reunion at any point seem virtually impossible.

Adam is bound to Chelsea, who is, well, wheelchair bound, and immediately received visits from both Victor and an irate Rey warning him to stay away from Sharon. Over at Sharon’s place, the crap hit the fan as Rey confronted her with the evidence of her canoodling with the man she had just agreed to cut out of her life, and her ex, Nick, stopped in to offer his two cents. But perhaps the biggest obstacle is Sharon’s daughter, Faith.

Faith went ballistic when she received the photo of her mom kissing her uncle, aka, “The Monster” in an anonymous text (though we didn’t get to see Faith read Sharon the riot act), and as Nick pointed out, their daughter loathes the man who switched her at birth, and feels as though her mother is choosing him over her. So how could Sharon and Adam ever be together under these circumstances?!

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Adam has made some inroads with redeeming himself over the years — he saved Faith’s life, as well as Noah’s, Eden’s, Chelsea’s, Victor’s, and Sharon’s (both literally and figuratively) — but the list of crimes and transgressions he’s managed to stack up over the years still far outnumber his good deeds.

Sharon has always believed Adam can be saved. She sees the good in him that others, with the possible exception of Victor, can’t seem to see, or if they do, it’s too fleeting to stick for long. So what would have to happen for them to have a future together? At a minimum, Adam would have to win Faith over.
Sharon, Adam, Faith good terms Y&R

Will Faith ever accept Adam in her mother’s life?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

With all of the troubles in her life recently, rebellious Faith seems to be on a collision course that can only lead to something terrible or tragic occurring. If the teen finds herself in over her head, or even in a life-threatening situation, and Adam were to step in and save her, would it be enough for her to see a different side to the man? As mentioned, it’s definitely a trope that’s been used on Young & Restless before… even the likes of Mariah and Nick would have to back off and give Adam credit if he came to Faith’s rescue, right? It seems like the only way forward for Shadam.

Do you foresee Adam saving Faith’s life to redeem himself in her eyes? Let us know after taking a peek back in time with photos of Sharon and Adam’s tortured love story on Young & Restless.

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