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Did the show just say farewell to Lola?

Ever since it was announced that The Young and the Restless‘ Sasha Calle had snagged the plum role of Supergirl in the upcoming movie The Flash, the soap’s fans have had one question: What does this mean for Lola? The show finally addressed the situation on February 23… without actually coming out and providing an answer.

“On behalf of everyone at The Young and the Restless, we’d like to congratulate Sasha Calle on making history and being chosen to play the first Latina Supergirl,” read a joint statement from executive producer Anthony Morina and co-executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith. “The role of Supergirl is a perfect fit for someone of Sasha’s immense talent, and we wish her all the best as she takes on this groundbreaking role.”

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While “We wish her all the best” sounds an awful lot like what you say to someone as they are leaving your employ, the statement doesn’t come right out and say Calle will be exiting. Nor does it offer any indication of whether, if she is departing, the role will be recast.

Truth be told, it would be fairly easy for the show to write Calle’s Genoa City alter ego off. It’s already been established that Lola recently opened a second restaurant in Miami, so it would make sense for her to pack up her knives like a booted Top Chef contestant and head home to Florida. Certainly from a storyline perspective, there’s nothing keeping her around.

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Introduced with much fanfare in the fall of 2018, Lola was immediately thrust into a love triangle with Kyle and Summer. Despite the storyline having seemingly endless potential, the trio was rushed through a series of plot points which ultimately left Lola divorced and story-less following a brief romance with Theo before his exile.

Should Young & Restless recast the part — assuming Calle’s new role will be keeping her too busy to hang out in Genoa City? Or should Lola simply relocate to Miami with Arturo, Mia and the rest of the extended Rosales family? Share your thoughts in the comments, then join us in looking back at Lola and Kyle’s very big, very beautiful, very rushed wedding. (It may take you longer to look at the photos than their short-lived union actually lasted!)