Jack, Kyle, Sally revamp scandal Y&R
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Is Young & Restless getting ready to bring a variation on a shocking twist from the past into the present day?

After weeks at hinting at a possible pairing between Jack and Sally, The Young and the Restless appears to be pushing ahead with the idea — as evidenced by their first dinner date at Society — despite the tepid-to-cool response the notion received from viewers on social media. This left us pondering how the writers could take inspiration from the show’s rich history to inject the unlikely romance with some true soapy drama…

Many years ago, Jack was involved in a scandal that hit very close to home, which Young & Restless may be plotting to revisit.

Longtime viewers will recall that Jack’s late father, John Abbott, once got involved with a considerably younger woman — one Jill Foster. Though the pair married twice and had a child together (Billy), they faced endless opposition from John’s loved ones, who labeled Jill as a troublemaker and a gold digger.

Of course, John was in love and fond of saying that Jill made him feel young again. But as is to be expected on a soap, their time together wasn’t all roses, rainbows and bliss. That brings us to how Jack fits in. After a huge argument with John, Jill had sex with the man she’d been dating when they first fell in love — none other than his very own son, Jack. A scandalous twist indeed!

Jack, John, Jill, Ashley wedding Y&R

John’s kids, and Jill’s ex, Jack,were none too pleased by this wedding. Can you tell?

Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS/Everett Collection

Fast forward to today and Jack seems to be following in his dad’s footsteps, spending time in the company of a younger woman and ignoring the naysayers who would have him proceed with caution. And while Sally’s not involved with Kyle, she made a play for him upon first arriving in Genoa City as part of her plan to get under Summer’s skin.

To say that Sally is not one of Kyle’s favorite people right now would be an understatement, given that she and Theo dug up the past he’d just as soon had stayed buried. That said, the news that he might have a secret son out there certainly gives him better insight into how Sally felt when her own scandalous past was being dangled over her head like the proverbial about-to-drop shoe.

It’s not tough to imagine a scenario in which Kyle and Summer have a falling out after she learns he left out the rather important detail that he may have a son with Tara Locke. Rather than take responsibility for his own decision to keep quiet, Kyle would likely lash out at Sally. And if there’s one thing soap fans know it’s that when things get heated between two people who despise one another, it can often lead to that notoriously thin line between love and hate being crossed… at least long enough for them to have sex!

And that’s what you call the kind of complication that would suddenly make the idea of Jack cozying up to Sally a whole lot more interesting. Because while we’re not all that pumped about a Jack and Sally romance, a sexy secret romp between the redhead and his son could be just the thing to turn this unfolding drama from ho-hum to hot-damn.

Do you think Young & Restless will revamp the John/Jill/Jack storyline using Jack, Sally, and Kyle? What would you think if they went this direction? Let us know! Plus, don’t miss our gallery below to see what Sally got up to during her time in LA.

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