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Faith’s downward spiral could stir up old feelings between her parents. 

For months, Young & Restless fans have watched in either delight or horror — depending on how they feel about a Sharon and Adam pairing — as the exes have been drawn ever closer. But perhaps the formerly-wed pair we should really have our eye on is Nick and Sharon, especially as they’re spending more and more time together thanks to the drama surrounding their teenage daughter, Faith.

Longtime viewers will recall that back in 2005, it was the death of Cassie — Sharon’s daughter whom Nick loved like his own — which originally tore the high school sweethearts apart. Scarily enough, Cassie was 14 when she passed away, which is too close for comfort to Faith’s current age.

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At that time, Nick and Sharon found themselves consumed by grief and turning to others for comfort, with her sharing a kiss with Brad, and Nick, in response, beginning an affair with Phyllis. Over the years, Nick and Sharon would be drawn together and torn apart by the winds of fate, but their love would never be quite the same as before they’d lost Cassie.

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Flash-forward to the present, and it’s almost impossible for fans not to notice that yet again, Nick and Sharon’s lives are being impacted by a teenager, this time daughter Faith. Already dealing with all the issues which come with being a young person in today’s society, Faith is now having to face the consequences of her mother’s ill-timed — and caught-on-camera — kiss with Adam.

Could all of this Sturm und Drang wind up reuniting one of daytime’s most popular couples? Sharon’s marriage to Rey already is on the rocks thanks to her inability to stay away from Adam. But imagine if the true threat to the newlyweds’ bliss is not the guy Rey looks at as an enemy but the one he considers a friend?

Nick’s portrayer, Joshua Morrow, has repeatedly said that he believes Sharon and Nick will reunite at some point down the line. “They’re star-crossed lovers, the Romeo and Juliet story,” he told TVInsider. “There’s zero chance they don’t end up together multiple times as long as these characters are on the show.”

At the moment, things seem to be going well for Nick and Phyllis. Yet that could make this the perfect time for unexpected feelings to suddenly rise up between the hunk and his other favorite on-again/off-again wife.

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What do you think, Young & Restless fans. Is Nick a bigger threat to Rey’s marriage than Adam ever posed… or do you think Sharon will yet again be drawn to Chelsea’s guy? Heck, maybe you believe she’ll manage to stick it out with Rey… after all, stranger things have happened… haven’t they?

Lay odds on your favorite in the race for her heart via the comment section below, then join us as we flash back on some of the many twists and turns the fates have dealt Sharon over the years.