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Her plans for dinner with her beau and her parents go, as plans so often do, awry.

If you’re late to the party,, unenthusiastic about The Young and the Restless’ seeming determination to re-pair Victoria with Billy, has started writing her an alternate love story. You can catch up by reading Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Or you can dive right in with Chapter 4, in which Rusty meets Victoria for dinner with her family at Society. Arriving before anyone else, she’s thrown to see Billy at the bar. The last thing she needs is him setting off her father before he’s even sat down with Rusty.

“I have a terrible favor to ask,” she tells her ex.

“If it involves taking a razor to your dad’s mustache,” he replies, ”I’m in.”

When she tells him that that’s not it, he volunteers to take a razor to any part of Victor. But of course that’s not it, either. “Would you mind… leaving?” she asks awkwardly. “It’s just, I’m introducing my parents to my new… ”

Suddenly, Victoria realizes she doesn’t know what to call Rusty. “He’s my boyfriend,” she says finally. “We’re dating.

“No,” she corrects herself. “We’re in a relationship.”

“And you don’t want your ex-husband watching from the sidelines while Daddy Dearest shreds the poor schmuck,” suggests Billy.

“I really don’t,” Victoria says, smiling since she can tell that Billy’s going to cooperate. “Then again, I could just stand him next to you, and Dad would have to love him.”

“You don’t let me have any fun,” cracks Billy, taking a last swig of his drink before turning to go and…

Billy smile Y&R

“This’ll go well.”

Well, there’s Rusty. “Oh God,” says Victoria under her breath. “I really wasn’t looking to introduce you to every single person in my life tonight, but… Rusty, this is my ex-husband, Billy Abbott. Billy, this is my… ”

Again, she hesitates. “You decided on boyfriend,” Billy reminds her.

“Yes,” Victoria says. “This is my boyfriend, Rusty Wilton.”

Sticking his hand out to shake Rusty’s, Billy says, “I admire your taste in women.”

“Back at ya,” says Rusty, adding with a wink, “But I can’t say I’m sorry her taste in men has improved.”

Billy laughs. “He’s gonna get along great with the Big Dad Wolf,” he tells Victoria.

She quickly explains that Rusty already knows Victor — he’s the ranch’s foreman, in fact. Victor just doesn’t know yet that Rusty and Victoria are involved. “That’s what tonight is all about, and that,” she reminds Billy, “is why you’re leaving.”

Billy and Rusty exchange goodbyes and good lucks, and the former once again turns to go… just as Victor and Nikki enter. “Is it too soon,” Victoria sighs, “to call it a night?”

“More like too late,” cracks Billy.

So what did you think of Chapter 4 and Rusty’s accidental meeting with Billy? And what do you think will happen when Victoria introduces her beau to Victor and Nikki in Chapter 5? Hit the comments with your hopes, and while you’re here, check out the below photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest weddings.