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We all know what Devon is going to do next… and few are happy about it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where Young & Restless is going with Devon’s newfound fixation on Abby and Chance’s reproductive challenges, and there are a bunch of reasons that it feels like a major wrong turn.

After listening to Mariah gush about her plans to help give Abby and Chance the baby of their dreams, Devon apparently got swept up in the emotion of it all and now wants to do something to help the newlyweds out, too. We all know that means he’s mulling the idea of being their sperm donor.

Abby and Chance’s single-minded quest to start a family took on a life of its own early on in their relationship and has since felt like its swallowed everything in its path. Sure, we can understand them wanting to have kids and exploring the idea of surrogacy once it became clear Abby couldn’t carry a child. But when the soap let Donny Boaz go as Chance, it probably should have dropped this storyline, too.

Literally overnight, Chance — newly informed that his low sperm count would make fathering a child nearly impossible — drafted a Dear Abby letter and took off on some top-secret mission that could get him killed. While his missive urged Abby to move forward with their baby plans, the whole thing just feels bizarre at this point.

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As with Mariah, there’s no reasonable explanation for Devon’s sudden yen to get involved in this to such a degree. Let’s not forget that when Hilary decided she wanted to have a baby, Devon said that he could never donate sperm and then walk away from the resulting child and terminate his parental rights.

Like Mariah, Devon has not yet had a baby of his own, what with the accident which claimed Hilary’s life also taking the life of their unborn child. The timing for this particular twist also seems odd given that Devon’s current storyline has seen him sleeping with both Amanda and Elena, which means both could be pregnant with his babies as we speak.

It’s mind-boggling that with Chance gone they’re continuing this narrative that Abby must have her baby and that Mariah and Devon are not only willing, but over the freakin’ moon, at the idea of dropping everything to put her needs ahead of their own. Abby’s done nothing to inspire such devotion, and it’s frustrating and disrespectful to fans who have been hoping to see Mariah and Tessa, the show’s only gay couple, marry and have their own child, or for Devon, a Black man, to grow the Winters family line.

Instead, Abby moved directly to the front of the baby-claiming line. It’s not a good look, and fans are already speaking out.

We can only hope that Devon’s offer will quickly be derailed by an Elena or Amanda pregnancy (or both) before it can happen. Maybe then Abby will finally throw in the towel or decide to adopt, which would send a far more positive message.

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