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Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Dollar Bill is heading for Brad Carlton’s old stomping grounds. 

The crossovers which began when The Young and the Restless sent Kyle and Summer to Los Angeles continue as The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Bill pays Genoa City a visit. But what makes this crossover even more interesting is that Bill’s portrayer, Don Diamont, spent more than a few years as Abbott poolboy/Jabot COO Brad.

“He sort of brings all his alpha-dog glory to town,” laughs Diamont. “His ability to sort of keep people off balance, his wit, his charm, it’s all on display!”

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Asked if it was difficult to avoid slipping into Brad’s loafers, given that he spent two decades bringing the seductive cad to life, Diamont admits it wasn’t an issue. “Honest to God, I don’t know if the Brad part of it even crossed my mind. I’ve been playing Bill for 11 years now. There wasn’t a lot of lag time between the two characters, and it was really important to me that they be as different as possible.”

It certainly helped that Bold & Beautiful‘s headwriter and executive producer, Bradley Bell, had a vision which prevented Bill from simply being a Brad clone. Whereas Brad was introduced as an up-and-comer, by the time we met Bill, he had already arrived. “He was a billionaire, a womanizer and really just incredibly unscrupulous.”

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Of course, that man bears little resemblance to the Dollar Bill Bold & Beautiful viewers now know and love. “He still has some of those qualities,” muses Diamont, “but his edges have softened. He’s a little more aware of himself and that he often gets in his own way.”

As we wait to see what kind of trouble Bill stirs up during his Young & Restless stint, why not check out the below photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest playboys. (Spoiler alert: Bill and Brad both made the cut!) Then share your thoughts on which Genoa City residents you’d love to see Bill interact with, whether during this visit or down the road.