Sharon and Adam kiss Y&R
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It looks like nothing can stop the Shadam train now.

Chelsea wasn’t the only one seeing red when The Young and the Restless’ Adam thought it would be a swell idea to have Sharon become her therapist. Chelsea may have been unable to vocalize what she was feeling, but a whole lot of us were definitely shouting at our screens. “What are you thinking, Adam?” we asked… before realizing that it was a totally rhetorical question.

Whether Adam and Sharon want to admit it or not, they were each looking for a way to stay in the other’s life. Sure, they’ve denied that there’s anything going on between them, but Chelsea ain’t the only one who isn’t buying what the formerly-wed pair is trying to sell.

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“There’s this primal connection between you and Sharon,” Victor told his younger son this week. “I mean, you have your fights and your arguments and back and forth, but you always seem to get back together again, you know? It’s dangerous, my boy!”

Rey gives Sharon ultimatum about Adam at home Y&R

At that exact moment, Rey was drawing a line in the sand where his new wife’s relationship with her former spouse is concerned. “I don’t want you to see Adam again,” he said firmly. “Not to treat Chelsea, not for emotional support or any of the other reasons that you and Adam come up with.

“I know I don’t have a right to give you an ultimatum,” he continued, “but I am doing so, anyway. Because I need you to put my needs ahead of his. Because I need to matter more than him. If our marriage means to you what it means to me, you will do this. And if you can’t, or you won’t, then we will both know that this bond that you share with Adam will never be broken and that this marriage was a mistake.”

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When Sharon and Adam next crossed paths, she insisted she could no longer treat Chelsea, and he admitted he’d been questioning his own motives. The sparks began flying and, moments after saying they needed to go their separate ways, they instead came together in a searing kiss.

In that moment, it was clear that despite all their denials, despite all the damage their passion has caused in the past and promises to cause in the future, these moths would yet again be drawn to the flame, even if it assured the mutual destruction of their respective relationships.

Whether you see them as a supercouple, a train wreck or perhaps both, Sharon and Adam proved this week that they will not be denied.

Ready or not, here they come.

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Which side of the debate do you fall on? Are you excited to see Sharon and Adam find their way back to one another, or do you believe they should stay far apart? Weigh in via the comment section below, then take a look at a photo gallery chronicling their long, often torturous, history.