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On February 10, we shared the romantic plot that, were it up to us, the show would tell for Amelia Heinle’s character. You seemed to kinda like the idea, so we decided to write its second arc.

Note: You can catch up on what you missed here. Oh, and we’re using a photo of Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel Days of Our Lives) to give Rusty a face since he was one of the casting suggestions that a lot of you liked best. Now then, where were we?

The Young and the Restless would feel more like The Angry and the Betrayed to Victoria after she learned that ranch hand Rusty had known all along that she was Victor’s daughter. So anytime he tried to approach her to explain, she’d shut him down — hard — even going so far as to threaten to have Daddy fire him if he didn’t steer clear.

A gentleman to the marrow, Rusty would honor Victoria’s wishes, thereafter never acknowledging “Clover” with anything more than a tip of the cowboy hat. And it would drive her bonkers. She still wanted something from him. But what was it? Closure? Vindication? Or was it simply him that she wanted?

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The horse is definitely on Team “Rover.”

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After working herself up a good ball of steam, Victoria would storm into the stables and yell at Rusty that he had no idea how difficult it was to be her, to know that men always see her family’s money first and her second — if at all. He couldn’t blame her being suspicious of him. She’d been burned before — lots.

Quietly, Rusty would tell Victoria that, in fact, he didn’t blame her. He simply hadn’t thought of her situation that way, and now that she’d made him, well, he felt a right fool. She wouldn’t have to worry about him or his intentions anymore, though. He’d heard her when she’d said it was over, loud and clear. And he wouldn’t be bothering her none going forward.

Victoria seethed. On one hand, Rusty’s sincerity made her remember why she’d been so drawn to him in the first place. (Well, that and his “Aw, shucks, ma’am” smile.) On the other hand, it made her realize what an incredibly spoiled, poor little rich girl she sounded like.

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“I… I never said it was over,” she stammered, the words surprising her as they came out of her mouth. Her heart had spoken, not her head.

“At the risk of being seen as disagreeable,” Rusty replied, “I’m pretty sure ya did.”

“You are being disagreeable,” she huffed — but playfully. “It’s one of the things I like best about you. I need somebody to disagree with me now and then.”

“And what?” he asked, afraid to believe his ears. “You think I’m the man for the job?”

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“‘Meet me in the barn; let’s make hay.’ Huh… what does she mean by that?”

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Rather than answer Rusty, Victoria crossed the stable and planted a kiss on him that would’ve raised the horses’ eyebrows if they had eyebrows. (They don’t, do they?) “You sure about this?” he asked.

“Saddle up, cowboy,” she replied as she strolled toward her car. “You’re in for one hell of a ride.”

That, he was. Because while it was all well and good in theory for Victoria to get involved with someone more accustomed to shucking stables than sealing deals, in practice… well, that was another matter altogether. How were Victor and Nikki going to react when they found out that her new boyfriend… was their ranch foreman?

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“Hey,” Rusty called out just before Victoria drove away. “Can I still call you Clover?”

“I’d be disappointed,” she said, beaming, “if you didn’t.”

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? The story practically writes itself, no? And for a couple you’ve never seen together, Rusty and “Clover” are pretty good together, right? Read Chapter 3 here, and while you’re hanging out at, check out the below photo gallery that recounts the life and loves of Daddy Dearest — Victor Newman.