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Instead of re-pairing Amelia Heinle’s beloved character (again!) with Billy, the CBS soap should think outside the box.

You already know how we feel about The Young and the Restless going back to the well once more with Victoria and Billy. But what you may not know — how could you? — is that we have what may be a far more interesting idea in mind for Victor and Nikki’s lovelorn daughter.

It’s certainly not the same old lather, rinse, repeat, anyway.

We’d have Victoria realize that if she succeeded in making history repeat with Billy, she’d only wind up getting her heart broken again — that is, after all, their history. Instead, she’d decide to spend a little “me time” chillaxing by painting watercolors in the fields of her parents’ sprawling ranch.

Don’t laugh — it gets better.

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Victoria, Billy Y&R

Soon, the Newman boss’ “me time” turns into “‘Who the hell are you?’ time” when she’s interrupted by a new ranch hand named Rusty.

Unaware of Victoria’s identity, the handsome horseman tells her that she’s trespassing and had better vamoose. Amused more than perturbed, Victoria plays along and manages to charm him into letting her stick around to finish her painting. By the time she’s done, she’s even got him suggesting that heck, if she wanted to, she could probably come back again; she wasn’t hurting nobody, after all.

Over the course of weeks, Rusty and Victoria — or Clover, as he calls her, since that’s the flower by which they’re surrounded in the fields — go from sparring partners to friends to lovers. She’s finally about to reveal her true identity to him when she learns from her father that, of course, Rusty knows who she is. He interviewed for his job in the living room of the main house and even remarked upon Victoria’s photo.

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Rusty hadn’t disclosed that information right away to Victoria only because he’d been so tickled by her mischievous response to his playful order to leave the ranch. He figured if she wasn’t saying who she really was, she probably had a reason for it. And she seemed to be having as much fun as he was, so why break the spell? Ah, but could he convince Victoria that his motives were as true as his feelings for her?

For the answer to that question, we’d have to tune in tomorrow.

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Wouldn’t it be nice to have Victoria get mixed up with someone altogether new — and not just new but not yet another Richie Rich? And the possibilities to play the part are endless, from Trevor St. John (Todd/Victor, One Life to Live) to Eddie Matos (Ricky, Port Charles), from Anthony Montgomery (ex-Andre, General Hospital) to Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel, Days of Our Lives).

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