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Maybe next time, Chelsea should look for a guy who isn’t quite so… um… damaged? “Yes,” says the actress. “She should!”

Does anyone think that The Young and the Restless’ Chelsea and Adam are in it for life? Hmm? Is anyone still clinging to that notion after he showed up to sulk through Sharon’s wedding to Rey and then moved to keep her in his life by asking her to counsel Chelsea?

Didn’t think so.

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“You can’t help who you’re deeply in love with,” sighs Melissa Claire Egan, who plays the recent stroke victim. But the next time around — and we all know that there will be a next time — maybe Chelsea should pick a fella who isn’t carrying quite as much baggage as Adam. “Yes, she should. And in the past, she has.

“She’s been with Billy, she’s been with Nick, she married Dylan back in the day,” she continues. “That’s why I’m really curious to see where this story goes and whether she gets to the point where she’s really done with Adam once and for all. It’s just such a push-and-pull relationship.”

Although currently, it’s a bit more push than pull, what with Adam asking the ex with whom he’s fixated to treat Chelsea — and her imagining that the two of them are stealing kisses behind her back. As Egan puts it, “It ain’t looking good right about now.” 

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Anticipating that once Chelsea can walk, she’ll walk the hell away from Adam, we’ve put together a photo gallery of men with whom she could move on. Check out our ideas and see which candidates you think are the most interesting.