Billy, Victoria special episode Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If Young & Restless’ Victoria episode was meant to leave fans rooting for a Villy reunion, it may have totally backfired.

From the moment Victoria started shooting looks at Billy and Lily and coming up with ways to pull Billy away from his new relationship to see to family matters, the writing was on the wall in large scrawl that Victoria would want him back. Cue a standalone episode in which she reflects on their past and has an epiphany at the end…

Unfortunately, rather than leaving the masses gasping for a Villy reunion, which we suspect was the intention, for many it had the opposite effect. Not all that surprising given the idea of a Victoria/Billy/Lily triangle was unpopular to start with.

There’s been a pervasive feeling of a disconnect between Young & Restless writers and the viewing audience, and Victoria’s episode twanged that nerve explicitly by offering up the idea that a successful businesswoman is backpedaling rather than moving forward in her personal life.

Moreover, the episode failed to focus on Victoria as a person and the challenges she’s overcome, and put the spotlight mainly on Billy, which made it feel a lot like another Billy-centric offering; an aspect that left fans bristling.

Billy fans, in turn, were offended by the notion that Victoria is eyeing him up for another go ‘round because he seems to have grown up. It’s long been a point of contention that she seems to want him to fit into a mold (aka, the man she always knew he could be) rather than accept him for who he is warts and all.

There are also tidbits of rewritten history helping this plot point along. The new narrative is that Victoria told him she was done, which she did at one point, but it was actually Billy who walked out on the marriage, having decided he needed freedom from his current situation.

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That said, Victoria’s epiphany at the end of the episode — that she is lonely — was an excellent scene and definitely one of those soap moments that gets viewers choked up. Most would just prefer the revelation leads Vikki to find someone new rather than attempt a reconciliation with Billy.

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