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With Chance no longer in Genoa City… what’s next for Abby?

If there’s a Young & Restless character that has worse luck in the romance department than Abby we can’t think of who right now. Just when Abby landed her dream man, and the gushing newlyweds vowed to fill the Chancellor Estate with children no matter what hurdles presented themselves, an unforeseen twist came in the form of a mysterious, and potentially life-changing, phone call…

All viewers heard was Chance answer his cellphone and say, “I was wondering when you’d finally catch up with me,” which seems innocuous enough on its own… but not when it’s followed by breaking news that the actor who plays Chance, Donny Boaz, was let go from the role, and that Monday was his last episode!
Chance, Abby last scene Boaz Y&R

Chance and Abby’s last scenes were on Monday’s episode.

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We can only surmise that whoever, or whatever, caught up with Chance on the cryptic phone call will lead to him leaving Genoa City. Will he leave Abby a note? That remains to be seen. If he merely disappears without explanation, Abby’s bound to think he’s left her due to the disappointing results he received from his doctor and the revelation that he can’t father the child they so desperately want.

So where would that leave Abby storyline-wise? One can safely assume she’d be brokenhearted, and perhaps also angry in time, as her entire world has been revolving around her new marriage to Chance and the idea of becoming a mother.

Perhaps Abby will swear off men and decide to go ahead and realize her dream of becoming a mother without him. Mariah’s already agreed to carry a child for her; they’d just need to come up with a sperm donor. Or maybe she’ll look to adopt a baby. We’ve already speculated that Lola could be hiding a pregnancy, so that might be a storyline avenue the powers that be will choose to go down. Neither of these options would be easy, or the way she imagined it, but Abby’s extremely determined when she sets her mind on something.

Although Boaz was reportedly told Chance wouldn’t be recast, we can’t help but wonder if Chance leaves town — with or without an explanation — whether he’ll return at some point in the form of Melissa Ordway’s husband, Justin Gaston, who filled in during the wedding scenes. It’s not a bad idea considering his temporary stint was well-received, and the real-life marrieds can have intimate contact in love scenes; a definite plus during these challenging times.
One thing’s for sure, if Chance disappears mysteriously and then reappears, he’d better have a darn good explanation!

Chance, Abby, Justin Gaston Y&R

Will Chance return at some point with a new… but not unfamiliar, look?

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Conversely, if Chance is gone gone, presumably Abby will receive divorce papers from afar at some point, and will need to go on with her life. That means she’ll need a new love interest and there aren’t a lot of options currently on the canvas. She’s been there, done that with Nate, Devon’s already torn between two women, and all the rest of the men are either married or related to her given she’s an Abbott and a Newman.

Really, the powers that be would have to bring on someone new for Abby, or bring back one of her exes… at least there are plenty to choose from. See Abby’s many, many past loves in the photo gallery below and let us know which one you’d love to see return.

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