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On February 4, 2005, John’s son shattered his nemesis’ expectations — as well as a window in Jabot’s executive offices.

“Who’s the boss?” took on a whole new meaning 17 years ago on The Young and the Restless. Jack, as ever, thought that he was calling the shots at Jabot Cosmetics. When archenemy Victor showed up acting like he was the big kahuna, Jack even called security to tell them to lay low. But if he could’ve gotten any, he really coulda used some backup. 

“One way or another, you’re leaving this building,” Victor hissed. “You’re no longer working here, I am; the guards will side with me.”

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Jack couldn’t hold back a laugh. “This ain’t Newman Enterprises,” he said. “You don’t call the shots around here.”

“But,” Victor hastened to note, “your father does. Now what do you think your dad is going to say when he finds out that you were escorted out of his building by your own security guards?”

Not much, Jack cracked. He still expected Victor to be the one who was kicked to the curb. He was, however, in for the rudest of awakenings. “Will you finally get it through your head, Jack, that I was asked by your sister, a high officer of this company, to help her save this company from going bankrupt? I’m here to do that job, whether you like it or not.”

To that end, Victor wanted one desk in particular: Jack’s. “I want to sit in the chair you’re sitting in right now,” the Mustache huffed and also puffed. “I like it. I want you out of it, and I want me in it.”

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Without a word, Jack rose from the much-coveted seat of power and drew back the blinds. “Ya like this chair?” he said. “Ya want this chair?”

Out the window it went, followed by a zillion shards of broken glass. “Have a seat,” Jack concluded, “on me.”

He may have lost the war, but sure as shooting, Jack had won the battle, even managing to get in the last word on Victor — no mean feat, that! You can relive the momentous moment above, and before hitting the comments to single out your favorite Victor/Jack face-off, maybe you’d like to stop off at the photo gallery below, which ranks Young & Restless’ best characters ever. It is, in its way, just one more arena in which the gladiators can do battle.