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Faith refuses to see the path she’s headed down.

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of February 1 – 5, two women seem conflicted when it comes to the romance department, and another has an entirely different problem. Read on for the scoop!

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Last week Victoria skipped her Hawaiian getaway, using the impending ice storm as a reason, but in reality, she was a tad jealous that Billy and Lily were having a good time with the kids. When Lily and Amanda headed out of town together, Victoria used the opportunity to spend time with Billy and their children. The ice storm also forced Billy to bunk in her guest room. Now Nikki is asking her daughter some hard-hitting questions about Billy in the teaser video.

Faith has been stealing booze not just to impress her older friend Jordan, but to help deal with her problems relating to the bullying she’s been getting over Billy’s story on Adam. Sharon asked Nikki to talk to her granddaughter, but Faith lashed out accusing her mother of convincing her grandmother that she was a teenage drunk. With Faith unable to face her problems, her parents stage an intervention. We can only guess how this will go.

And the ice storm also stranded Elena at Devon’s place, and the two exes began to hash out where things went so wrong between them. You know, like Elena sleeping with Nate. The conversation led to some healing, and also a passionate kiss. This week, Elena’s ready for a romantic getaway, and you won’t believe with which man!

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