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On January 20, the gorgeous Emmy winner shared a bikini-clad beach pic captioned, “I have been called an old bag like one million times from some folks on the Internet… I’m OK with it.” Her followers were not.


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Three days after posting about how cool she was with being called an old bag (see above), Young & Restless star Michelle Stafford returned to Instagram to address the fans who had come to her defense. “Hey, beauties!” she began. “First, you are all lovely.

“Second, regarding my last post when I said I’m OK with being called an ‘old bag,’ I was just sort of making a joke,” she continued, “but actually, I am OK with it.”

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Nonetheless, Phyllis’ portrayer understood that her admission, whether or not it had been made with tongue in cheek, had resonated with her followers. “That post seemed to evoke a lot of emotion in so many of you,” she observed. “You were also very protective of me, and I am so grateful.”

But Stafford was also so alright. “This is the thing,” she clarified. “I really don’t care what anybody says about me. I don’t care about any hate that I get here or on any other social-media platform.

“Words from somebody that I don’t know have no bearing on me. Truly,” she added. “It’s not my mom saying it, it’s not my best friend saying it. It’s someone that I don’t know saying it.”

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As such, the soap vet, who also originated the role of Nina on General Hospital, gave such disses all of the attention that they were due. In other words, none. “It truly is water off a duck’s back for me. If I took a comment that was negative toward me and it affected me, well then… shame on me,” she said. “Shame on me for believing something that somebody else said, somebody that I don’t even know, somebody with their own thing going on in their life.

“So beauties, It truly doesn’t matter what people think of you,” she went on, turning the hoopla into an admirably teachable moment. “If you think things on your own that are negative about yourself, then that’s something else, and of course that’s something to work on. We all have stuff to ‘work on.’ It’s OK.”

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But she wasn’t going to — and hoped no one else would — make the opinions of persons unknown a matter of paramount, or any, importance. “Honestly, I really think that all of us have to stop tripping out about people who are sitting behind a computer feeling good about saying mean things to strangers,” she said. “Our acknowledgment of those comments give[s them] power.

“Give yourself power,” she countered. “You’re all extraordinary, extraordinary people. Absolutely beautiful people with beautiful hearts. That’s what I’m going to say to you. That’s my comment to you.”


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