Lola pained Y&R
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After talk turned to babies, Lola’s pained expression left us very curious.

Lola hasn’t had much to do besides concoct the Special of the Day since Kyle went back to Summer and Theo left town, but there was a moment this week that had us wondering if something is afoot.

Our favorite chef cheerfully kicked in some chocolate to the ‘dance it out’ party staged by Mariah and Tessa to lift Abby’s spirits, but when things quieted down and the tone of the evening turned serious, the expression that crossed Lola’s face before she returned to the kitchen was definitely open to interpretation.

After Abby left, Lola asked Mariah and Tessa if they’d thought about having kids, and after receiving their answers, the question was turned back to her. Lola shrugged it off by saying she was too busy to even date and joked that the restaurant was her baby, but when she turned away from the group, the look on her face abruptly changed and was anything but jovial.

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We’d write it off as a sad moment thinking about what might have been with Kyle given they had a pregnancy scare (as she mentioned)… and that may be all that it was. But what made it appear more significant was the camera panning in on her. As longtime soap viewers know, that type of moment is specifically designed to get our attention… and it worked.

Might Lola be pregnant? Granted, it’s highly unlikely, but perhaps she hooked up with Kyle offscreen when he was on the outs with Summer, or had a moment of weakness with Theo before he departed Genoa City for Paris. It wouldn’t be the first time a soap surprised viewers by revealing that something had happened off-screen. If that’s the case here, the ramifications could be considerable.

Lola, Rey hug Y&R

Lola is clearly hiding something.

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A reveal that Lola is expecting Kyle’s child would undoubtedly rock his relationship with Summer, and perhaps have him reconsidering a life with Lola. If the baby is Theo’s, it could mean he’d return, which would be amazing because we never wanted Theo to leave.

Lola’s sad expression could also have been caused by her thinking about something which happened in the past that we aren’t yet privy to. Perhaps she was pregnant at some point and elected not to go through with it. She was away in Miami for an extended period of time. One thing is certain — the upbeat reply she gave Mariah and Tessa was not how she really felt.

If Lola’s merely sad about her past false alarm, perhaps she’d be a candidate to carry a child for Abby and Chance. Sure, it’s looking as if Mariah will wind up being the one to help the newlyweds make their dream of having a family come true, but looks, as they say, can be deceiving.

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