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On January 21, the Emmy winner took to Instagram to express her amazement… and her gratitude.

“Yesterday marked my anniversary of starting The Young and the Restless,” wrote Tracey E. Bregman, who over the years has taken Lauren Fenmore from mean girl to superwoman. Since it was Inauguration Day, “I felt it inappropriate to post anything for obvious reasons.”

But that didn’t mean that the occasion didn’t give her a big-time case of the feels. “I can not tell you what this job has meant to me and how much I love each and every person in our production,” said Bregman, who’d previously played troublemaking Donna Temple on Days of Our Lives. “I am truly grateful every day and say a prayer to [the soap’s late, great co-creator] Bill Bell every day, thanking him for my career and giving me the opportunity to be a mom and an actress.”

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To be clear, that’s a mom and an actress simultaneously. Bell, recalled the mother of two, “asked me to bring my babies to work with me, so I would feel secure.” (Bregman’s sons, Austin and Landon, are now — believe it or not — 30 and 24, respectively.)

Bregman also expressed her gratitude to the scribes that have come after Bell. “Thank you to all the writers and [current headwriter] Josh Griffith who have kept Lauren alive and feisty!” she wrote. (Now if only any of them would hatch a plot to return the character to the frontburner where she belongs… ) 

“To all our producers, directors and production… ” she continued. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart and also, thank you all for keeping us safe during such an insane time.”

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