Lauren, Sheila feud B&B Y&R
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Imagine Lauren Fenmore seeing Sheila Carter hanging about in the background of Summer’s selfie.

Young & Restless rushed into a Bold & Beautiful crossover involving Summer going out of her way to travel to Los Angeles to get dirt on newcomer Sally, who wasn’t even an actual threat to her job or her relationship yet, which has made it a little underwhelming. It did, however, have us thinking about how the situation could easily have been used to kick off the long overdue crossover drama fans of the sister soaps really want to see.

As Bold & Beautiful viewers know, the notorious Sheila Carter is alive and well in Los Angeles, where she showed up on the doorstep of her ex-husband Eric Forrester’s house hoping to reunite after claiming she’d turned over a new leaf. Not surprisingly, she hadn’t, and Sheila got into several physical altercations with his current wife, Quinn, before uncharacteristically backing off and taking a job as a waitress at Il Giardino.

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Yes, that Il Giardino — the very restaurant where Summer and Kyle met up with Wyatt Spencer and spent an afternoon meeting and exchanging phone calls. It’s quite honestly galling that no one in L.A. has bothered to warn Lauren Fenmore that her arch-nemesis is back from the dead before now, but this was the perfect opportunity to spring the big reveal.

Imagine if Summer and Kyle were served by Sheila, who had no idea Summer was the child she once kidnapped, but overheard her saying she worked for Lauren Fenmore and decided she needed to pay her old friend a visit. Or what if after Summer and Kyle took selfies in the restaurant to post online, Lauren was aghast to see Sheila hanging about in the background of one of the photos.
Summer, Kyle restaurant B&B Y&R

Summer and Kyle were right there at the restaurant where Sheila works!

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Of course, it’s a bit tricky given that the last time Sheila was terrorizing Genoa City she was doing it as Phyllis’ doppelganger, but that’s a mere technicality on a soap opera. I mean why wouldn’t she have undergone plastic surgery to get her old face back before making a play for Eric?

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With Young & Restless so desperately in need of some high drama we can’t imagine anyone better to deliver it than down and dirty rivals, Lauren and Sheila. As an added bonus, it would give Lauren a big storyline, something that has been in short supply for her and other veteran characters for far too long.

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