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Moses’ return to Genoa City could shake-up a few relationships.

A new teen is set to hit Genoa City according to Devon’s recent conversation with Nate in which he revealed Moses Winters was on his way back to town to attend Walnut Grove. It seems Moses wants to finish high school and then pursue a medical career — with family member Dr. Nate Hastings as his mentor. As Moses was born onscreen in 2011, the kid has obviously caught a case of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS), which will bring him up to the appropriate age for the storyline — assuming he actually shows up onscreen.

For those who need a refresher, Moses’ father was Neil Winters, which makes Devon and Lily his siblings and Nate his cousin. Moses’ mother, Sofia Dupre, worked with Devon’s biological father, Tucker McCall, and found herself pregnant after having had sex with both Malcolm Winters and his brother, Neil. Soapy right?

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Moses and his mother, Sofia, have been living in New York.

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When Sofia had the baby, both Malcolm and Neil were on the scene, with Malcolm bowing out after the child was revealed to be Neil’s. Moses, who was named after his maternal grandfather, Moses Dupre, spent time living with both of his parents after they married, but later moved away to New York with his mother when they divorced.

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Moses appeared a few times in Genoa City with his dad before Neil’s death, both during his marriage to Hilary and in scenes with Lily’s children, Charlie and Mattie, who were later SORASed as well. He also attended his dad’s funeral with Sofia.

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If Moses is still this cute he’s bound to turn Faith’s head…and maybe Jordan’s too.

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The character’s return to the canvas as a teen will affect a few stories. Presumably, Nate will take on the task of mentoring Moses after Elena’s pep talk, which could have him interacting with Devon more, and perhaps help to repair their fractured relationship after the cheating scandal. It goes without saying that if Nate’s path is crossing with Devon’s more often, Elena’s will be too now that they’re dating. The close proximity could draw the two exes back together and leave Nate wishing he’d never agreed to mentor his cousin at all.

Devon mentioned giving Moses a home, so having a teen to look out for will certainly impact any burgeoning relationship he might have with Amanda. There will certainly be fewer opportunities for adult talk over takeout. However, viewers may recall that Devon and Amanda’s twin, Hilary, bonded over mentoring a teen named Shauna before her death, though having the girl under their roof wasn’t without its challenges. Moses’ presence in the penthouse could bring Amanda and Devon together in the same way… or prove to be a hurdle.
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Will a teen in the penthouse cramp Devon’s style?

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Lily will also spend time with her younger brother, undoubtedly, but it’s less likely to impact her relationship if he’s living with Devon. Besides, it appears as though she may already be busy dealing with Victoria’s reaction to her dating Billy.

Finally, with the only other teen characters on the canvas right now being troubled Faith and her older friend, Jordan, it’s likely Moses will interact with them. The big question is — will Faith be a bad influence on the ambitious newcomer, or will Moses inspire Faith to go straight? Might they fall for one another? Will Faith and Jordan both want the new guy in town? It all remains to be seen.

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