Shemar Moore return filming SWAT Y&R

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The Emmy winner broke the best of all possible good news on January 11.

Accompanied by a picture in which a cross is draped between his legendary pecs all the way down to his six-pack, Shemar Moore shared the kind of news we’re going to want a whole lot more of in 2021: “COVID-free!” he declared. “Now it’s time to go back to work.

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“Blood, sweat ’n’ tears,” he continued. “My entire dream is calling… Hello.”


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Regular readers will of course know that on Christmas Eve, the Young & Restless alum, who played Malcolm, revealed that he had tested positive. A day later, he described his symptoms thusly: “It feels like the flu — body aches, chills, sweats.

“It’s no joke. It’s not a game,” he added. “Wear your mask. Stay safe.”


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As the clock ran out on 2020, the star of primetime’s S.W.A.T. expressed his delight that the year from hell was heading for the exit. “Thank you, Jesus!” he exclaimed on Instagram, adding that “’19 was rough, ’20 was dog [bleep].”

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He understood that “’21 ain’t gonna be easy out the gate. Don’t get it twisted. But you know what? We gonna fight. We gonna fight for that fun.”


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From there, he acknowledged the health crisis that has turned the world upside-down and encouraged his followers to be responsible and considerate. “Wear your mask,” he beseeched them. “Get that vaccine. Do whatever you gotta do to protect yourself and your family.

“But,” he added, “believe in good.”

We’re doing our best, Shemar. As such, we deserve a reward, don’t you think — like a mental-health break to scroll through the below photo gallery of some of soaps’ most handsome leading men.