Restless Rant
Week of November 2 – 6:

As I went through the Y&R recaps for the past week, I realized that the show, while definitely not a hotbed of excitement, has been steadily delivering each day. Whether on purpose, or by some happy accident, the writers are continuing to keep a nice balance in their storytelling, and while there are always grievances to air, I’m generally happy with the show – especially as compared to that other one I watch, which shall remain nameless. Here’s this week’s breakdown…

Victor/Nikki: I am in such a strange place when it comes to this pair – I dislike the fact that Nikki keeps going back to him even though he invariably treats her like dirt, and yet, I can’t help but be drawn to them as a couple when they share a scene such as the one with NuZapato. I suppose that these two just have that unexplainable chemistry that supersedes all reason. Although it felt a little rushed, this would have been a powerful farewell, had Victor, and Eric, truly not been returning.

JT/Victoria: After all the drama over the affair with Deacon, it was odd to see everything between JT and Victoria wrapped up with a bow so quickly – I sense that this has to do with the fact that Amelia Heinle (Victoria) is expecting. Notably, I prefer Victoria as a vixen. Happy, giggly Victoria, when she came back to ‘tie up loose ends’ was very nearly gag-inducing, saying vacuous things such as, “I think I just saw daddy’s portrait frown!” Bleh.

Billy/Chance/Chloe/Mac: So far, so good, with how this is being written, and the teeny twists being woven in along the way. Just as Billy and Mac finally both begin to realize – just a bit – that they’re not cut from the same cloth, Chloe finally, and ironically, decides to move on. The kiss between Billy and Chloe was a good illustration of how things have gradually changed – not just in how they see each other, but in how they see themselves, and their respective relationships with Mac and Chance. I predict viewers will be going on a real ride over time as this develops! This week, Chance’s brush with death will likely put things more in perspective for Chloe – and will hopefully lead to more scenes with Chloe and Nina!

Halloween Party:
Did anyone else think Y&R cheaped out on their costumes this year? Ahhh, budget cuts… Anyway, Delia was adorable as her dad’s football – my favorite of the night! I loved the party scenes – as I usually do – Billy took his lumps, and I grew even more intrigued with Ryder after his scene outside the bar. Daniel and Amber were just what a happy couple should be, and I got a real kick out of dour Mac wryly telling Chloe that she was just about mad enough at Billy to hand him over to her!

Abby Gone Wild/Daisy:
What a pair these two will make! Abby’s obviously not going to be happy until she’s gotten herself into some real trouble, and Daisy’s going to be pleased to help her find it! On first impression, it appears that Daisy’s more than two-faced – she has one face for adults, another for teens, and yet another for the boys! This girl is trouble – mark my words. I actually felt protective of Eden when Daisy blatantly hit on Noah – yowza! As for Daisy working at Fenmore’s – looks like Lauren’s going to have her hands full! I’m kind of looking forward to it!

What malarkey is this? Sharon and Adam playing house at Halloween? I fully admit to laughing out loud at Adam’s Cheshire cat grin when he thinks he’s getting the better of stodgy ol’ Nick, but I cannot accept him as a love interest – I know – I sound like a broken record. Anyway, it was irritating watching newly-full-of-himself Nick barrel over to Sharon’s and speak to her like she doesn’t have a brain in her head – sure, he’s right about his brother being dangerous – but if he really respects Sharon, why not give her the benefit of the doubt that she’ll figure Adam out for herself? As for Nick sending Adam on a field trip – it’s the best move Nick’s made in ages – I sure won’t miss him!