Summer, Sally, Bill crossover B&B, Y&R
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Sally may have underestimated how easily she could dispense with Summer Newman as a major setback looms.

Sally’s bent and determined to get what she wants since coming to The Young and the Restless, and what she wants is Summer’s job running Jabot Collective. Thanks to an unexpected tip from Theo as he was leaving town, Summer isn’t completely in the dark, but will she find a way to deal with Sally pre-emptively? It seems she might as a crossover between Young & Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful is afoot…

During the week of January 11, Summer will travel to Los Angeles, in the first crossover between the sister soaps since 2017, according to TV Insider. There she will meet up with none other than CEO of Spencer Publications, Bill Spencer Jr. Fun fact: Bill may look a little familiar to Young & Restless viewers as he’s played by Don Diamont, who once played Genoa City’s Brad Carlton. Summer could easily use her fashion industry connections as a reason to visit Spencer, who oversees the prestigious Eye on Fashion magazine, and do a little digging up dirt on her redheaded rival in the process.

Given that Bill has never been a fan of Sally’s, and that she tricked his son, Wyatt, into believing she was dying in a bid to keep him away from his high school sweetheart, Flo, right before being exposed and leaving town, it’s safe to say Summer will get an earful — and none of it will be good. It’s also unlikely Bill will own up to his role in Sally’s turn to the dark side. He’ll probably omit having started a fire in her Spectra fashion house, blowing up a building with her inside, and luring her love, Thomas, away by making him believe his ex, Spencer’s niece, Caroline, was dying.

The aforementioned Wyatt also works at Spencer Publications, so it won’t be at all surprising if Summer runs into him and Flo and gets their take on Sally. Summer’s bound to learn that they asked her to leave Los Angeles in the wake of her deception, in contrast to Sally’s party line that she decided to leave to get a fresh start.

Wyatt, Sally leave B&B

“You let me think you were dying and tied up my girlfriend with pantyhose…I need space.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Worse still for Sally, Wyatt and Flo may show up in Genoa City sometime after Summer’s visit to L.A. as it’s been teased the crossovers will continue. Any way you slice it, it spells a major setback for Sally, who may just have underestimated how easily she could dispense with her newfound rival.

After everyone in Genoa City learns the truth about why Sally left L.A., will her only hope of gaining the position she wants at Jabot Collective be to play on the considerable sympathies of lonely Jack Abbott; the one man with the power to make her dreams come true?

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