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We feel ya. This ain’t the year for profound. Those of us who are still here are just glad that we made it through. (Knock wood.)

As 2020 made its way toward the exit — long after we collectively began ushering it in that direction, we might add — Michelle Stafford took to Instagram to share her post-Christmas/pre-New Year’s Eve thoughts. And she did it in cozy style.

“The aftermath,” she captioned the kind of photo that makes us all wish we woke up looking as (or even half as) amazing as she does. “I spent most of the year in my bathrobe… I might as well end it that way.”

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Kidding aside, the Emmy winner who plays The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis had hoped to compose a post that was deep and meaningful. As she put it, “I really wanted to write something cool and profound.

“But… ” she continued, “really, how boring. Who the hell is ‘profound’ right now?”

So instead, the actress, who also originated the role of Nina on General Hospital, said simply: “I hope your holiday was beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your family and friends whether they were with you or with you through the Internet.”

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With that, she sent “big kisses” to her followers, thanked them for their daily inspiration and promised that “I have some cool things coming up. I’ll tell you when it’s time.”


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Ha — just like a soap MVP to leave us on a cliffhanger.

A day earlier, Stafford posted a fairly adorable shot with her kids, Natalia and Jameson, assuring her fans that “they are happier than they appear.”


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On Christmas Day, she shared a “merry, merry” shot of the mischievous munchkins on stairs lined with the singular kind of loved one from whom nobody has to social-distance.


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Say, while you’re here, and perhaps like Stafford, feeling a little reflective about the year that was, why not flash back to the highs and lows of Young & Restless in 2020 with the below photo gallery? It’s only a click away.