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“It’s not a game,” he warned fans. “Wear your mask. Stay safe.”

Fans of The Young and the Restless alum Shemar Moore were understandably worried after he revealed on December 24 that he’d tested positive for COVID. So on Christmas Day, Malcolm’s former portrayer took to Instagram to share an update on his condition — and give an impromptu house tour.

In a video posted on the 25th, the Emmy winner described his symptoms thus far: “It feels like the flu — body aches, chills, sweats.

“It’s no joke. It’s not a game,” he added. “Wear your mask. Stay safe.”

Memories of His Mom

From there, the actor, as so many of us do this time of year, grew reflective. “I had my mama last year. I ain’t got her this year,” he noted. (Moore was devastated when mom Marilyn passed away on February 8.) “It’s rough. I miss her bad. She’s my best friend. But we keep pushin’.”

That we all do. At that point, the S.W.A.T. star swiveled the camera to give us a mini tour of his crib, not only a peek at his pool table and pool but at the paintings of sports greats that were created for him by Jon Moody, whom he describes as a “good friend/lil’ brother and a beast as an artist.”


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The Cure for a Swelled Head

In a separate post, Moore shared a photo of himself in a sweatshirt that reads, “You didn’t invent the [bleep], Shemar.” Its significance? “Whenever I would talk [bleep] about how great I am or something I thought I was good at… or… would jokingly brag about my smooth-talk ways, my mother would always say to me, ‘You didn’t invent the [bleep], Shemaaaaa’ [in her Boston accent].

“I miss that,” he continued, noting that “a good friend made this sweatshirt for me.”


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‘Let’s Get Our Cuddle On’

In yet another post, the Criminal Minds grad simply wished a “merry Christmas to all my homies, fans ’n’ baby girls! I hope you are all having an amazing, relaxing and meaningful Christmas with your loved ones.”

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And along with a video that’s almost too cute and funny for words, he added, “Let’s get our cuddle on, Nana.” Be sure and watch to the end below.


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While you head for the comments to wish Moore a speedy recovery, stop off at the photo gallery below to review pictures of actors — him included — who made it in primetime and movies, then returned to soaps. We can but hope that one of these days, Moore will decide to pass through Genoa City again.