Jack, Sally pairing Y&R
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How many times has Jack been the fool in romance?

Jack’s kindly invitation to Sally to drop by the Abbott mansion over the holidays since she was on her own took on a slightly more sinister angle once we realized they’d actually be alone together on Christmas Eve. After some ice-skating and a little conspiring with Phyllis to save the holiday for Summer and Kyle, Jack wound up back at the manse all by his lonesome, staring thoughtfully at the Christmas tree, with not a Traci or an Ashley in sight. Cue Sally’s text… and a wee sense of foreboding.

The Teardrop of Love storyline made it apparent that Jack has romance on the brain, and who could blame him after being single for so long? Watching Summer and Kyle laughing together on the patio at Crimson Lights seemed to drive the point home that he was alone — that and the references to Dina’s death having left a void in his life. But Jack’s not so lonely that he’d jump into a relationship with someone unsuitable, right?

Surely, given Jack’s history of being cheated on and duped he’s grown wiser with age and wouldn’t actually fall for someone young enough to be his granddaughter who has made her ambitions as obvious as Sally has? It wasn’t that long ago he was taken in by Kerry, who romanced him while spying for Ashley.

Kerry, Jack Y&R

Poor Jack didn’t know Kerry was actually Dominique Carroll… and had a British accent!

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The idea of a Jack and Sally pairing is unappealing in that it would do each of them a great disservice. It would paint Sally as a golddigger, repeating the irritating mistake made by Bold & Beautiful, who depicted her as a strong, independent young woman, yet always had her leaning on a wealthy boyfriend for one reason or another.

Where Jack’s concerned, he’s no longer making power moves, nor is he a playboy, and given his history, going down this road would make him look the fool — again — who hasn’t learned a thing where women are concerned. It would also be coming at a time when his guard should still be up from the Theo debacle.

More importantly, at this stage of the game, we so want Jack to find something resembling true love à la Nikki and Victor.

Jack’s enjoyed some flirty banter with his former lover Jill this past year, and both have matured, though that’s a difficult avenue to navigate with Jess Walton not onscreen full-time. Another romantic angle could be a connection with Lauren, with whom he shares chemistry and who is regularly in his orbit. Given Lauren and Michael desperately need a story, it would make more sense to go that route, though that’s not necessarily a winning prospect for Jack either.
Jack, Lauren Y&R

Could late nights in the boardroom lead to Jack and Lauren mixing business and pleasure?

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But hey, maybe we’re worried for nothing. Jack and Sally could forge a bond not unlike the one he shared with Hilary, who was also a loner in Genoa City until she found a lasting friend and mentor of sorts in Abbott. It seems more likely that Sally will shake things up between Kyle and Summer.

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