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Chance’s portrayer was “sad I couldn’t be there for such a momentous occasion,” but…

That had to hurt. Just as The Young and the Restless was gearing up for its 12,000th episode and the wedding of Chance and Abby, the groom’s portrayer Donny Boaz was sidelined by illness and recast with leading lady Melissa Ordway’s real-life husband, Justin Gaston. Boaz was going to miss out on two once-in-a-lifetime events: not only the soap’s “Wow, that’s a lotta shows!” occasion but also his first soap nuptials.

But one thing made that bitter pill easier to swallow: how lovely the off-screen marrieds are.

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On December 15, Boaz, who’s now back at work and due to begin airing on the 18th, took to Instagram to “send out a special thank you to these two lovebirds. Melissa, you’re amazing Every day. It’s my absolute pleasure to work with you.

“She called me almost every day while I was out to check on me,” he added, “and I want her to know that meant a lot.”

As for Gaston, “I want to thank you for stepping into Chance Chancellor’s shoes at the last minute and for being a badass! The fans have no idea that you had a three-four-day heads-up and had to crank out 110+ pages a week to catch up for the time I was out.” That’s the kind of achievement that can only be filed under “remarkable.”

As anyone would be if the tables were turned, Boaz admitted that he was bummed not to have been able to RSVP yes for his own character’s nuptials. “Sad I couldn’t be there for such a momentous occasion [as] Chance and Abby’s wedding but simultaneously in awe of what an amazing and unique experience it was to get to marry your own spouse on daytime TV.

“That’s pretty cool,” he continued. “I’m thankful for your two.”


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In a subsequent post, Boaz shared “a little screenshot” from The Young and the Restless that he said illustrated “how happy I feel to be back at work.”

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And doing amazing work, it sounds like. “Spoiler alert,” he wrote. “I think Melissa and I had one of the best, most magical scenes we’ve ever shot today. She is sooo good and sooo talented. I feel lucky to get front-row seats to watch her work.”


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