Mishael Morgan answers fan questions Y&R
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The Young and the Restless actress finds scenes with her onscreen former hubby to be “a lot more work.”

“I love playing Amanda,” Young & Restless’ Mishael Morgan proclaimed when she sat down to answer fans’ questions for Global TV, and went on to explain that when she left her role as Hilary, the character “was starting to bleed into my life.” So she welcomed the chance to play something new.

As for working with her former onscreen husband, Devon, played by Bryton James, Morgan explained that he was a huge part of helping her create Hilary, which now makes it difficult at times in scenes opposite him as Amanda. She elaborated, “Now that I’m back, when I look at him, I just naturally go into the Hilary thing.” The actress laughed. “So he’s the hardest person for me to work with right now, but still I have a lot of fun with him.” She went on to say, “It’s just been a lot more work; I have to think a lot more about how I say things and how I interact with him to make it feel different to the audience and also to me.” It must be extra-challenging lately given that Devon and Amanda are growing closer following his split from Elena.

When asked about what’s ahead for Amanda as far as family is concerned, the actress revealed, “They’re investing in Amanda right now and really trying to flesh out her backstory, and Hilary’s backstory.” Will Amanda get to confront her birth parents? Morgan was cagey about this, not wanting to give away story, but teased, “I think it’s going that direction.”

Morgan also addressed a fan who wanted to know if Billy and Amanda would get closer while she’s defending him, and replied, “I think their bond is building.” Watch all the clips by clicking on the Twitter thread below.

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