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The Emmy winner embodied the saying, “Dance like no one’s watching”; her 10-year-old was unimpressed.

Among the new portraits that Michelle Stafford shared on Instagram on December 7 was a memorable shot in which she looks like she’s doing interpretive dance. It’s lovely. It’s fun. It all but demands that its caption be “freedom.” And it’s arguably most memorable because there’s no missing the joy radiating from the actress’ beautiful face.

Not everyone thought so, however. “My daughter says this is a cringey post,” shared the Emmy winner, who plays The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis. “That I’m cringey, and my form is bad.”

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Stafford tried to sway Natalia, 10. “‘But isn’t it Fosse?’” asked Mom. “She said no. ‘Maybe more like Elaine [from Seinfeld]?’ She didn’t understand the reference.”

SEINFELD, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Season 8, Ep. 'The Little Kicks', 1990 - 1998. (c) Columbia TriStar Television/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

As George put it… “Sweet fancy Moses!”

Credit: Columbia Tristar Television/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Nonetheless, Stafford was going to make no apologies for her inspiring act of self-expression. “Well, what I lack in form I make up in personality,” she wrote, “and more importantly, I don’t give one damn bit what anyone thinks… anymore… about anything… about me.

“So seriously, dance like everyone is watching,” she continued. “Everyone! You have got nothin’ to lose.”

Hopefully, it wasn’t lost on the little girl how fantastically her mother was demonstrating how we should all seize happiness anytime, anywhere, any way that we can. “This,” Stafford concluded, “is for you, babygirl.”


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Come to think of it, the soap vet is always setting a good example. Only recently, she and castmate Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael), with the help of their Young & Restless family, pulled off what has to qualify as a Christmas miracle. (Find out what they did, and how, here.)

Of course, on screen, it’s long been a whole other story for the fan fave. In fact, Stafford recently joined Lauralee Bell (Christine) for a video one-on-one in which they reminisced about their characters’ epic clash over Michael Damian’s Danny Romalotti, aka the Rick Springfield of Genoa City.

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Though homewrecking Phyllis managed to get the pop star away from his wife, her portrayer didn’t see it as a victory for the conniver. On the contrary, in her mind, “Cricket was always the winner of the war,” she said. Nonetheless, it was a precious time in her life and career, one that even now can bring out the “projectile crier” in her. (You can watch the whole video below.)

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While you’re here, check out the below photo gallery of some of soaps’ most striking leading ladies. We’d mention that Stafford is among them, but we have a hunch we don’t need to.