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Big Lots may never be the same.

After reading this story, even a Grinch’s heart would have to grow by three sizes. On December 6, The Young and the Restless leading lady Michelle Stafford revealed on Instagram that, “with the help of the insanely generous cast, crew and production staff of [the show] and of my high-school mates… and [their workmates] and of course the always-amazing Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael), we totally bought out the toy section of Big Lots.”


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The Emmy winners weren’t planning a playdate, however, at least not for themselves. “These toys,” Stafford explained, “are being donated to Fred Shaw at the Inglewood chapter of the NAACP for them to distribute to the community!

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“We were only able to do this with the help of others,” she added, “these incredible people who donated their time today and the amazing folks at The Young and the Restless at who donate so much monetarily.”


We know, Grinch. It can feel awkward when your heart is growing inside your chest.

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Chimed in LeBlanc, whose name we can scarcely type anymore without thinking of a certain photo, “Thank you to all who helped make this amazing feat possible especially to Stafford, who once upon a December, had a beautiful idea!

“Honorable mention goes to the staff at Big Lots, who cheerfully helped make magic happen,” he continued, “and the customers who, when they found out why we were there, rushed out and donated gifts they themselves purchased… God bless us everyone!”

Stafford hoped that the toy drive could brighten up what has for the most part been a dark, dark 2020. “Maybe It will be a happier Christmas for some kids,” she mused. “The year has hit some folks so hard! Perhaps we can inspire others — you never know.”

In any case, she concluded, “I am so excited we were able to get this done!”

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