Jill stunned Y&R
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Victoria betrays her brother Nick.

In the preview for Young & Restless the week of December 7 – 11, Billy’s troubles keep getting worse. After he and Lily finally made love, the couple was barely able to enjoy the moment when Rey arrested Billy for Chance’s shooting. Not only was one of Billy’s earbuds found at the scene of the crime, but his gun was stolen from Victoria’s house and used in the shooting. Billy wonders if Adam set him up, while others ponder Victor hates Billy enough to frame him. This week, Jill makes a plea to Lily to help her save Billy.

Feeling jilted that all he was left from Dina at the reading of her will was a pen, Theo decided to sue Jack, Ashley and Traci for their inheritance. Look for Jack to come up with a plan to make Theo’s lawsuit go away, but first, he’ll need the agreement from his family on whether to put it into action.

Ever since Victoria bought the banknote to The Grand Phoenix, she and Phyllis have been at odds when it comes to running the boutique hotel. Victoria speaks to someone on the phone about making some big changes, and she’s sick of being partners with Phyllis. Victoria clearly knows her plans likely won’t sit well with her brother Nick, who is once again dating Phyllis.

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