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“… thinking of cake,” the Emmy winner captioned an image of himself in which his muscles won a fight to escape from most of his clothes.

The Young and the Restless’ Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) put the “hot” in “Hot damn!” on December 1, sharing a photo that proves he’s every bit as ripped as former castmate Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm). The Internet — and LeBlanc’s peers — responded accordingly.

“OMG!” replied Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). “Is that you? Who knew?” Oh, Nancy, we all knew. Where have you been? (See below.)

Christian LeBlanc yr michael sexy gallery jp

“Jacked!” exclaimed Young & Restless castmate Jason Thompson (Billy). “By cake? I need that diet.”

Michelle Stafford (Young & Restless’ Phyllis) reposted the picture — hey, it “bares” repeating — and remarked, “I mean… this must be celebrated!” The fact that the show had just hit 12,000 episodes? “Yeah,” that’s cool and all. But LeBlanc’s off-the-charts buffness? “Good God!”

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Leave it to William deVry (Julian, General Hospital) — legendarily one of daytime’s drollest leading men — to offer an alternative take on LeBlanc’s scantily-clad rendition of Rodin’s The Thinker. “This screams Glad Garbage Bags,” deVry tweeted.

By and large, fans went bonkers for the beefcake shot. “Umm, I was just about to start to like younger men,” tweeted Jazzy, “and you changed my mind.”

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“Dude, you were hot before you let your hair stay gray,” began a viewer named Barbara. “You make me drool now!” From there, her post devolved into sort of a breathless sigh, which as you know, is hard to do in a tweet.

Seeing the torso that LeBlanc had been hiding under his clothes all these years, John-Phillip quipped, “There are entirely too many suits in daytime wardrobe departments.” Agreed. Why couldn’t Michael try a case or 200 in his “legal briefs”? It would also cut down on a lot of shirt-buttoning time backstage.

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Joanne Morrissey eventually had to tear herself away from the screen. “OK, I need to get back to work and stop zooming in,” she admitted. “It’s not polite.” Although we suspect that LeBlanc would be flattered; ya don’t post a pic like that because you hope no one will lick it.

Like it. We mean like it. Typo.

It was hard to say whether Joy was as impressed as the rest of us. She asked simply, “Purpose of this pose by Christian?” Since when isn’t smokingness self-explanatory?

Surferdude seemed to overlook the picture entirely, which we would’ve said would be impossible to do. “Please go back to dark hair,” he tweeted. “You look better with dark hair.”

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On the contrary, Surferdude, LeBlanc looks [bleeping] amazing, and he still would even if he shaved his head. Change is good. And to prove it, we’ve compiled the below photo gallery, which not only includes LeBlanc’s transformation into a silver fox but a whole but of other stars’ remarkable makeovers.