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What began as a Thanksgiving post turned into an announcement.

On November 26, Courtney Hope did what so many others did — at first. She took to Instagram to say that she was “thankful, grateful, blessed — all the above.

“This year has been a roller coaster, but I am so appreciative of the people surrounding me and the blessings in my life,” she continued. “Thanks to everyone who has shown love and joined me on this journey of life!”

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To say that 2020 has been a roller coaster might be even more of an understatement for Hope than for most of us. In addition to the health crisis that’s had the world spinning off its axis, the actress found herself being written off of The Bold and the Beautiful as Sally Spectra… and subsequently recruited to play the same character on sister soap The Young and the Restless.

That’s a heckuva ride to have taken!

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Anyway, Hope then made an announcement about her future online, at least her immediate future. “With that said, I am going to take a much-needed break from social media,” she wrote. “If you need me, call or text me!”

That wouldn’t exactly work for fans of the soap-hopper’s inspiring posts, of course. (You can check one out here.) But it was good information to disseminate to her friends and loved ones. In closing, she encouraged us all to “stay safe, stay loving, stay curious.”

That we can do. While you’re here, why not enjoy that turkey sandwich we both know is in your future with the below photo gallery, which reviews other rare characters like Sally Spectra who crossed over from one soap to another.