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Abby’s fiancée will look a bit different come Thanksgiving week.

When life hands you lemons, you’ve gotta make lemonade, right? So when The Young and the Restless‘ Donny Boaz had to temporarily be sidelined after testing positive for the ailment ravaging our nation, the show — rather than backburner the newly-engaged Chance and Abby — decided to call in a pinch hitter. Fortunately, her portrayer, Melissa Ordway, just happened to have great chemistry with Boaz’s replacement: her real-life spouse, Justin Gaston.

“Who better to step in,” she posted to Instagram, “than my incredibly talented, handsome husband?” According to Soap Opera Digest, Gaston will begin appearing as Chance the week of November 23.

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Boaz told his Instagram followers about his having testing positive on November 17, adding, “Thankfully, I did not have any symptoms.” But in keeping with the guidelines, he will be isolating himself at home. “So you may not see me on Young & Restless for a bit.” Gaston shouldn’t get too comfy in Genoa City, however, as Boaz said that he had already returned to work and would “be back on the air very soon.”

While the show could have considered sidelining Chance during Boaz’s absence, the character is hip-deep in several storylines. Not only have Chance and Abby recently gotten engaged, but — having nearly lost one another after he took a bullet meant for Adam — they’ve made known their intentions to tie the knot ASAP.

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Given that Chance’s near-death experience was caused by persons unknown, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that he — having been newly recruited by the Genoa City Police Department — might want to help Rey figure out exactly who was (literally) gunning for Adam. While Billy’s name seems to tumble from the lips of anyone asked who might want to see Adam dead, we suspect there’s more to the story… and that it might be tied to what went down between Adam and Chance in Vegas all those months ago.

Clearly, Boaz understands the decision to temporarily recast, as evidenced by the fact that he ended his post with the hashtag #theshowmustgoon.

Gaston is no stranger to daytime, having played the part of Ben on Days of Our Lives before Robert Scott Wilson took over the role a few months later. Ironically, when soaps first began using spouses and other romantic partners for the taping of love scenes, we actually suggested that Gaston might find himself working, erm, closely with his wife. At the time, we assumed he’d simply be a body double for Boaz, not actually appearing on screen!

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