Summer, Sally rivalry Y&R
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Sally is bound to give Summer a run for her money… and her man.

Everything’s coming up roses for Summer after Kyle proclaimed, “I love you, damnit!” and an exciting new dream job offer came in from none other than Lauren Fenmore, but there is one person, a newcomer to Genoa City, who may just turn her world upside-down. Sally Spectra may not have designs on Kyle yet, but our soapy senses say it’s only a matter of time, and she definitely has her sights set on Jabot Collective… and isn’t above playing dirty to get what she wants.

Sally, Theo join forces Y&R

Sally partners with Theo to suss out the competition.

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Summer’s been eyeing Sally suspiciously since catching her having drinks with Theo, and her intuition told her she’s up to something, but her sixth sense hasn’t yet figured out that she may wind up being Sally’s target. As for Sally, she balked at plotting with Theo initially, but that changed once Lauren offered Summer the top position at Jabot Collective, which was the very reason Sally came to town. Sally joined forces with Theo with the express purpose of finding out who Lauren chose and her goal is to eliminate them from the running for good.

Sally’s helmed her own fledgling fashion house, doing well at times with a partner and when not being sabotaged, and designed for Forrester Creations, including working successfully on Steffy Forrester’s lingerie line, the active wear collection, and her most recent designs were about to be incorporated into their prestigious couture line before she faked a terminal illness, which turned out to be off-putting. Summer, however, has executive-level experience at Jabot in the cosmetics and fashion divisions that is likely the reason Lauren chose her to run the division and as the person she would like to mentor. In Lauren’s own words, “Summer’s amazing.”

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Summer resigns Y&R

Will Summer’s dream job become a nightmare?

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Summer’s resigned from Jabot to accept Lauren’s offer, which means an epic battle could be shaping up between the blonde and the redhead, as Sally isn’t averse to manipulating when she feels desperate. What shape it will take remains to be seen — if Jack pushes for Sally to be given a position at JCV answering to Summer, it could get ugly if Sally tries to sabotage her rival from within. But the animosity may extend beyond Fenmore’s and into their personal lives if we’re reading the signs correctly.

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Just as Summer and Kyle had ended a conversation about salvaging their relationship, Sally sauntered into Jabot and mused, “Kyle. I’ve been looking for you.” Seasoned soap viewers know all too well that’s a tease. On the heels of Theo wondering whether Summer was worried Sally would catch Kyle’s eye, it was very much foreshadowing of a potential love triangle. Sally’s fallen for the charms of more than one good-looking, well-connected, rich guy, and Kyle fits the bill perfectly. If he can help her chances with Jabot Collective, so much the better. Summer could be in for a time of it as Sally may prove to be a more formidable foe in some ways than Lola, who was a stickler for keeping things on the up and up. Will Sally give Kyle second thoughts about embarking on married life? We’d bet on it.

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