Sally, Theo patio Y&R
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Chance has an important question.

In the Young & Restless spoiler video for the week of November 9 – 13, in the park, Chance gets down on one knee and has a question for Abby, and hopes she’s ready. Theo doesn’t think Sally’s the type who would be happy getting Lauren Fenmore her coffee every morning. Sally confides she has her eye on a much bigger prize. And as Adam looks at his phone on a rooftop, Chance appears and shouts, “Adam watch out!” He dives to push him out of the way of someone aiming a gun at him.

In a recap of what happened last week, the Abbotts held a memorial for Dina, and later gathered at Society. Theo dug up an old tune that Dina loved and used to sing and dance to with Jack, which Jack was touched by. As they played it and sang, Kyle found it inappropriate. At the reading of Dina’s will, Theo wasn’t even mentioned and learned he was left nothing.

Summer was surprised to learn Faith’s new best friend Jordan was two years older than her. Jordan invited Faith, who continued being bullied by a girl in a group chat, to a pool party. While she tried to have fun, Faith continued to receive bullying texts.

Victor visited Chelsea, who told Victor that the Adam she knew and loved was gone. Victor feared what his son was up to, and Chelsea agreed to try and help Adam. When she checked on Adam, she became worried about what she saw on his laptop. She confronted him about the blueprint of Newman Tower with a big red X at the main office, and he claimed he’s just going to rent some space. Later, Chelsea was kidnapped by a masked man and held hostage. Adam meanwhile used Chelsea’s phone to text Chloe that she was taking time away to get her life sorted out.

Sally Spectra arrived in town and made Jack and Summer’s acquaintances. Summer took Sally for coffee, and Sally ran into Theo who she knew in New York. Summer warned Sally that Theo was no good after Theo asked her out to dinner. Sally later met with Lauren, who offered to hire Sally as her executive assistant.

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Video: The Young and the Restless/YouTube