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And no, none of those reasons are that all of daytime is one big game of Red Rover.

Although viewers were slow to warm to the character of The Young and the Restless’ Theo, what with his murky motivations and a personality that toggled between cocksure and obnoxious, they responded immediately to his talented portrayer, Tyler Johnson. And when given the chance, the actor proved that he could have chemistry with anyone. Heck, we’re pretty sure even the cup of coffee that Theo once had at Crimson Lights is still crushing on him.

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“Theo, did you seriously just ask your coffee, ‘Is it hot in here, or is it just you?’”

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Anyway, this combo platter of missed opportunities and untapped potential gave us a potentially brilliant idea: He and his alter ego should be crossed over to The Bold and the Beautiful the way Courtney Hope and her Bold & Beautiful character Sally were to Young & Restless. Here’s why:

1. Theo Could Get a Clean Slate.

Much like we hope Young & Restless won’t repeat Bold & Beautiful’s mistake with Sally — that is, saying she’s strong and independent but playing her like she’s weak and needy — the half-hour soap could rewrite Theo as a more consistent, and more consistently likable, character. Instead of veering into bratty territory, he could be kept instead on confident terrain, brash but not grating, smooth but not smarmy.

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“A do-over?” said Theo. “I could go for that.”

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2. Theo Could Get a New Love Interest.

We would’ve bought the character with either Summer or Lola — or, for that matter, Tessa. For Pete’s sake, we kinda liked the idea of him with Victoria, too. So imagine what would happen if this human spark factory was dropped into Los Angeles’ dating pool. Since he’s not related to anyone — anyone! — nobody would be off limits. (Maybe he’d just have to refrain from using persona-non-grata old acquaintance Sally as a reference.)

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Personally, we dig the idea of Theo taking an immediate interest in fellow social-media influencer Steffy, then questioning whether the biker chick really wants to settle down with Dr. Nice Guy. Perhaps Theo would make Kelly’s mom realize that she’s still a little bit of a wild child at heart.

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“You’re giving me more competition?” asked Finn. “Liam wasn’t enough?!?”

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3. Theo Would Fit Right In.

The Bold and the Beautiful is a show where model Zoe is always hanging around Forrester Creations “working.” What, exactly, does a model do when she isn’t walking the runway or posing for pictures? We have no idea. But that makes Bold & Beautiful the perfect fit for Theo, whose credentials always struck us mainly as “great hair” and “talks a good game.” Plus, can’t you just see him and Bill becoming insta-buddies? In a way, nervy, self-assured Theo would be like the son Bill never had. We know, we know, Bill has three perfectly good sons. But Theo, man… he’d be a chip off the Spencer patriarch’s old block. It would be hilarious — even more so were Bill and Theo’s friendship to make Wyatt and Liam jealous in a “What’s he got that we ain’t got?” kinda way.

What do you think, Bold & Beautiful fans? Could you see a place for Theo among L.A.’s movers and shakers? And what about you, Young & Restless fans? Would you follow him, were he to cross over? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery to review a series of actors who’ve done what we hope Johnson will and soap-hop (although these folks did so with new characters).