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A far happier couple off screen than on- these days, the co-stars are enviably well-attuned to one another.

If we have to tell you that these are trying times, we’d like the address of the rock you’ve been living under — and also to know whether you’re open to taking in a roommate. (Asking for a friend.) The Young and the Restless’ Brytni Sarpy is more like us in that she can get stressed out by what’s going on. But she has something that helps her cope — or rather, someone: significant other Bryton James, who plays Devon to her Elena on the CBS soap.

Whereas she can become anxious, he tends to remain chill. “He’s nothing like me in that respect,” she tells Soaps.com. “We’re a lot alike in many ways, but he’s one of the most level-headed, fact-based people I know. He’s not emotionally triggered. So just looking at him in comparison to how I might want to handle things is… ”

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She pauses, thinking of just the right words. “He doesn’t even have to say anything,” she goes on. “I can just look at him.”

In fact, since production on The Young and the Restless shut down this spring and the world was turned upside-down, James has thrived, in Sarpy’s estimation. “He’s handled this entire situation tremendously. I don’t think he’s had one bad day.”

That’s not just a line, either. “It’s not fake,” she insists. “It’s not like you feel like he’s hiding a bunch of things or not dealing with them. He’s just one of those people who has a very clear understanding of what life is and a very clear perspective on everything. He’s a great example for me.”


James and Sarpy save the drama for the set.

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James has also been a help to Sarpy in dealing with the fact that theirs is a rather high-profile romance. After all, if they were Joe Blow and Jane Doe, then websites like ours wouldn’t have created timelines that have tracked the course of their relationship (and we have — it’s super sweet). Knowing the world is watching is “weird,” Sarpy admits. “I haven’t really tapped into having a public relationship for a very long time, so just that in and of itself — being that open with it is new.”

Not that Sarpy is exactly a closed book by nature. “I am very open typically in most ways, but with relationships, I shy away a little more,” she explains, “just because it’s such an insecure situation to be in for everyone until you get married. You never know where things are going or what kind of footing you’re on.

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“It puts you out there in a whole different way,” she continues. But during the ongoing health crisis, “it became pretty clear to everyone that we were together. And being with someone who is so secure and grounded, I didn’t have the same fears that I’ve had in the past in some other relationships.”

It probably helps, too, that Sarpy and James’ fans are as supportive of their relationship as Elena and Devon’s. “It’s been so positive,” she says. “Everyone is so behind us that it feels good.

“I assume if that ever turned negative,” she adds with a laugh, “it wouldn’t feel so great.”

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Speaking of Elevon, the actors’ on-screen alter egos are in a bad way lately. Elena hoped that telling Devon the truth about her tryst with Nate would set her free of her guilt… but all it really did was set her free of her boyfriend. While they (we hope) work their way back to one another, perhaps you’ll take comfort in checking out the below photo gallery, which traces their steps from first meeting to… well, you know.