Theo retribution Y&R
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Will The Young and the Restless character have the last laugh or is this bad news for everyone?

While Theo finally found his niche at Chancellor Communications, his romance with Lola hit the skids, and the people who invited him to call them family, the Abbotts, didn’t even let him know his grandma had died. Ouch. Feeling more on the outside than ever, Theo put a good face on it at Dina’s memorial, but in a solitary moment, turned away from the group and a cryptic look crossed his face before he downed a shot, which told us he’s not over the hurt feelings.

Nor should he be. Not only was he not included the night Dina died, he wasn’t even thought of when Jack had the Teardrop of Love necklace divided up for members of the family. This sent a strong message regardless of how regretful Jack, Traci, or anyone but Kyle basically, were after the fact. At the Abbott house, Theo got an eyeful of the impressive emerald stone, which is destined to be returned to its current owner, Lauren Fenmore.

With Theo seemingly set to exit the canvas, one can’t help but wonder if he’ll strike back at the Abbott clan as he goes. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that someone will challenge Dina’s will and it could very well be Theo looking to establish himself as a legitimate heir of Ms. Mergeron and hoping — either consciously or subconsciously — to hurt the Abbotts as they did him.

If Theo’s attempt to get a piece of the pie for himself is unsuccessful, one can imagine he will be even more bent on hitting back against the family, and considering he’s grieving as well, it’s not a stretch that he’d go to extremes. Would he steal the Teardrop of Love?

The theft of the high-profile gem would certainly bring drama, and a case for the likes of Paul, Rey, and Chance to solve, but let’s not forget Lauren’s theory about the piece of jewelry; she told Jack that she believes the Teardrop of Love only has a curse if it’s stolen. This could be bad news not only for the unsuspecting Theo, who wasn’t privy to the conversation, but also each one of the Abbotts walking around with a piece of the necklace on their person!

Conversely, Lauren could have been wrong and the stones are just straight up cursed whether stolen or not, which could explain a lot, especially in the case of Kyle’s love life, and Theo would inadvertently expose himself to more heartache. Presumably, that would mean the character’s exit would involve either leaving town and disappearing with the stone or getting caught and landing in jail.

Will Theo challenge Dina’s will, win, and leave town quietly, or will he go to extremes and activate the curse of the Teardrop of Love? How do you think Theo’s storyline will play out? Let us know in the comments after peeking at some of soaps’ hottest villains in the photo gallery below. Get your free daily soap-opera fix for The Young and the Restless — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.