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Scenes scheduled to be taped this week will continue.

According to our sister site Deadline, two people associated with The Young and the Restless have tested positive for COVID-19. That site’s co-editor in chief for TV, Nellie Andreeva, reports that sources informed her an E-mail was sent to the production crew on Monday, November 1, explaining the situation. She went on to say that the individuals who tested positive have begun self-isolation. For privacy reasons, the identity of the involved parties has not been disclosed.

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Like the other soaps, The Young and the Restless shut down production in mid-March due to the unfolding international health crisis. After running out of new episodes, the show began airing classic episodes, often as part of themed weeks, while developing a plan which would allow the show to go back into production. Once the newly-developed protocols were in place, production resumed in mid-July, with new episodes returning less than a month later. As with other sets, the protocols — which include the actors largely being responsible for their own hair and makeup as well as regular testing — are overseen by experts.

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The same scenario took place at each of the soaps, although Days of Our Lives — thanks to its advanced production schedule — never actually ran out of original material to run, despite shutting down for several months.

According to Deadline’s report, Young and Restless has conducted contact tracing which allowed them to notify anyone who might have been in close proximity of the affected individuals. Meanwhile, it has been determined that the show’s ability to continue taping has not been impacted. In fact, Andreeva writes that among the sequences set to be shot this week is “a big family event scene featuring about 15 actors in close proximity.”

Last month, production at Days of Our Lives was temporarily shut down after an almost identical scenario unfolded. That show has since returned to production, and there will be no gap in their airing of new episodes.

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