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Wait, has kidnapping always been this much fun and we’re only just now finding out?

On November 2, The Young and the Restless leading lady Melissa Claire Egan shared to Instagram a series of behind-the-scenes photos that previewed Chelsea’s abduction in Wednesday’s episode. But since it was the actress’ real-life husband Matt Katrosar playing her kidnapper, it looked more like fun and games than life and death.

In the first image, Egan puts on her best “scared face” while her better half stands nearby, you know, menacing her. In the next one, neither of them can keep a straight face: They crack up and embrace. Finally, they go laughing merrily onto the set of the Chancellor living room. But you don’t need us to describe the pictures for you; you can check them out below.

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In her caption, Egan explained that this was just the kind of thing that happens “when you have to get ‘kidnapped’ on the show you work on,” but because of the health precautions that are in place, “no one’s allowed to touch you… 

“Sometimes,” she added, “the husband has to come in and do the job.”

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Get a good look — reportedly, we won’t get to see Katrosar’s handsome face on air.

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The soap vet, previously Annie on All My Children, then implored viewers to tune in Wednesday to see her honey “kill it as the ‘masked man,” though she noted, “He prefers to be called Stryker.” She also made a point of saying — as if we’d miss an episode — to “watch all week; it’s gettin’ real juicy!”

She ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie, either. The show’s caught fire recently, and every new twist of plot is just one more piece of kindling to grow the blaze. But we digress…

In response to Egan’s post, former Young & Restless husband Justin Hartley (ex-Adam) wrote, “Now I know what I’m doing Wednesday.”

One of her All My Children spouses, Cameron Mathison (Ryan), also thought the casting was a hoot. “OMG… this is hysterical,” he wrote. Their former All My Children castmate Alicia Minshew (Kendall) exclaimed, “I looove this so much — amazing! What a fun role for [Katrosar].”

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And the laughing emojis just kept coming, from everyone from The Young and the Restless’ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Brytni Sarpy (Elena) to Days of Our Lives’ Kate Mansi (ex-Abigail) and General Hospital alum Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr/Kiki). Heck, by the time you’re done, you may have added your own smiley-face emoji to the line of ’em.

But before you bop along to do so or to read another article, perhaps you’d like to check out the below photo gallery, which introduces the real-life significant others of Young & Restless’ stars.