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If we had our druthers, the show would give the classic character a second chance with old flame Paul Williams and upend his marriage to Christine.

When Tricia Cast’s return to The Young and the Restless as Nina Webster was announced by, the website explained that the plan was to reunite her with BFF (and sometime romantic rival) Christine Williams and son Chance Chancellor. Which is all well and good. But if you ask us — and, for some reason, no one ever does — that’s not the storyline that the CBS soap should be playing.

When Nina touches down in Genoa City in early November — and again in late November, to help the show celebrate its 12,000th episode — she should catch up with former significant other Paul Williams. Why? Let us count the reasons: 1. It would necessitate more appearances by much-missed Emmy winner Doug Davidson, with whom Cast had a warm chemistry. 2. It would only be natural that Nina would want to see if he was happy with his decision to reunite with Christine. 3. It would allow The Young and the Restless to reassemble the Nina/Paul/Christine love triangle, if only for long enough that he could pull a wife swap.

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It’s not that we aren’t into Paul and Christine — they’re the concentrate from which other supercouples are made. But in recent years, her portrayer’s focus has been on other projects, like Lifetime’s Ruby, the first in a series of TV movies based on V.C. Andrews’ novels about the Landry family. (Bell’s been cast against type as conniving Daphne Dumas, the wife of the title character’s affluent father.)

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The way they were…

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That Bell would want to spread her wings is entirely understandable; she’s been a part of the soap that her parents co-created since she was a teenager (and Christine was still going by Cricket). But her absence has hamstrung a good bit of potential story for Davidson and Paul. How can the Williamses have marital problems, for instance, if one of the marrieds is rarely around?

Were The Young and the Restless to toy with the idea of re-pairing Paul with Nina, it could actually solve that problem: It could craft a plot in which Paul confessed to his ex that yeah, he got lonely when his missus was away — an issue that he wouldn’t have had with Nina. She could ask if, all these years later, he was having second thoughts, and he could answer with a kiss that surprises them both.

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Suddenly, you have two legacy characters keeping a secret from a third legacy character. Whenever Bell next appeared as Christine, that secret kiss — and whatever might come after it — could blow up in epic fashion, setting the stage for the Williamses to divorce and Nina to contemplate moving back to Genoa City permanently. (Maybe she and Traci could co-author a novel… )

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Would you tune in to see Paul and Nina rekindle their romance behind Christine’s back? On your way to the comments, stop off at the photo gallery below, why don’t you, and revisit some of soaps’ all-time greatest love triangles.