Summer, Kyle crossroads Y&R
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The Young and the Restless couple is at a crossroads as Kyle issues a warning.

Kyle and Summer’s relationship appears to be on a precipice on The Young and the Restless, and they’re not the only ones on the edge; viewers are working overtime to figure out how they got to this point, who’s at fault, and how it will turn out…

Sure there was a split-second glimmer of doubt for Summer when Kyle suggested eloping, as she was concerned he came up with the idea out of protectiveness for Lola, but the moment passed and off they went to Chicago to do the deed, seemingly deliriously in love and ready to start building a future together. There, however, Summer spied another red flag — Kyle had been texting Lola to check in on her — and the next thing you know, Kyle was standing in the Grand Phoenix telling Phyllis he had no idea as to the whereabouts of his ‘runaway bride’, as Mariah called her.

Summer proceeded to do her Carmen Sandiego routine, spying on Kyle, who wound up in Society talking to Lola… naturally. She misconstrued one conversation, which was about Dina passing away, but let’s face it, there are other restaurants in Genoa City, or so we hear. Anyway, all of this sent Summer into a tailspin of insecurity, terrified she’s going to make the very mistake her parents have been so vocal about… rushing into marriage with Kyle, who has been a bit of a flip-flopper. (Is he secretly related to Bold & Beautiful’s Liam Spencer?)

Are Summer’s concerns valid or is she being unreasonable expecting a nice guy like Kyle not to care about his ex’s feelings? Some feel Summer’s creating drama where there is none and just isn’t ready for a lifelong commitment despite loving Kyle.

Others see Summer’s history coming into play; it’s not like she has a great track record with men in the upstanding and trustworthy department considering her past with Austin, Luca, Kyle, and as Phyllis pointed out so handily, Billy. Clearly, she’s carrying around some serious insecurities as evidenced by the scene in the park where she imagined everyone whispering about her being unlovable, and before that, Kyle being overcome by lust for Lola. As she told Kyle, her head is ‘swirling’. One viewer thought that might be indicative of something besides self-doubt. Could Summer be pregnant?

While Kyle warned Summer their history was weighing on him and he didn’t know if he could take being rejected by her again, it definitely sounded like he was issuing an ultimatum — now or never — but some viewers placed the blame squarely on Abbott himself, who can’t seem to stay away from his ex, even when his current relationship depends on it.

Kyle caring about Lola’s feelings doesn’t necessarily mean he still carries a torch; he’s repeatedly professed his love for Summer and his desire to build a future with her, complete with house, kids, and a dog. However, his actions may suggest he’s torn between the two, and it’s all left viewers scrambling to figure out what he wants.

Do you think Kyle and Summer are set to reunite and get back on track, or will she reject him once again, effectively ending their relationship? Will they split up only to learn Summer’s pregnant with his child after he begins seeing Lola again? It’s messy and we like it!

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