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The audience has spoken. Your message? Forgive and forget.

On October 26, Soaps.com pointed out that maybe, just maybe, The Young and the Restless’ Devon might want to dial back his outrage over Elena’s betrayal with Nate. Once you’ve had an affair with your stepmother behind your blind father’s back, we reasoned, the last place you should ever take a seat is on your high horse. Fans of the CBS soap agreed — in a big way.

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“Devon has a right to be angry,” acknowledged Bluhorizon658. “However, [he] is a ridiculous hypocrite after cheating with Hilary. He really doesn’t have the room to throw any stones since he stabbed [Neil] in the back.”

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Sometimes “Hevon” was barely behind Neil’s back when they canoodled.

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Carrie Lawrence went so far as to suggest that “Devon should consider this as karma, payback” — and, while he’s at it, “take Elena back.” Having a reaction to her hookup with Nate is one thing, but as A. Norris pointed out, “Kicking her out of her home is crossing the line! Devon has done much worse” than his girlfriend did.

Lois Covey, meanwhile, advised Devon to “wise up” and forgive Elena — like “your father did after your betrayal.”

On the flipside, reader SCO argued that, while “what [Devon] did to Neil was absolutely wrong… it does make a difference that he was madly in love with Hilary, and they eventually got married. She was the love of his life, and that can be an irresistible pull.”

Of course, not everyone bought that argument. “Hmm, yes,” laughed Tracey Wilcox, “apparently, it’s OK to sleep with your father’s wife when you’re in love with each other.”

SCO wasn’t done, mind you. “Elena had two days of doubt and then fell into bed with [her beau’s] cousin/BF and her co-worker. Her excuse was incredibly lame. Once Devon has had a chance to calm down, he will be able to better understand why Elena cheated.”

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Hook up in haste, repent in leisure?

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Alas, by then, many of our readers predicted, it will be too late. So did we, for that matter. “By the time Devon sees the light,” wagered da_kid1247, “Elena will be pregnant by Nate or Amanda will be pregnant by Devon.” Ya never know, kid — it could be both. “The writers ruined a lovely, warm romance,” the reader went on. “Some viewers said [Elevon] were boring because no one was stabbing the other in the back. Well, I hope they are satisfied now.”

Actually, it would seem that a few are pretty pleased already with this development. Charlotte Bupp, for one, admitted that “I’m sorry, but I just never felt [Devon] with Elena. They just did not have the chemistry that he had with Hilary, and I [would] rather he ends up with her twin, Amanda.” (Ironic, since Devon and Elena’s portrayers, Bryton James and Brytni Sarpy, are a real-life couple and, as their relationship timeline attests, have been for a while now.)

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