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Billy gets frank with Lily.

In the Young & Restless spoiler video for the week of October 26 – 30, Billy asks Lily if she was about to come over and kiss him. Summer talks to Kyle, and says the situation is all overwhelming. He wonders, “Good overwhelming, or bad overwhelming?” And Adam tells his family that he is going to live his life no longer as a member of the Newman family. And as of today, he’s cutting them all loose and asks them to let him do that in peace.

In a recap of what happened last week, Summer confronted Lola and accused her of wanting Kyle back, but Lola assured Summer that she didn’t, and her acting like a crazy stalker spying on them wouldn’t win Kyle over. Kyle eventually met with Summer face to face, and she accused him of still wanting Lola and having seen their texts. Kyle explains Dina passed away and Lola was only offering condolences, and she’s blown this all out of proportion. He vowed to prove he only loves her and wants to get married.

Lauren told Jack that she believed the Tear Drop of Love didn’t bring love to those who owned it, but something bad to those that lost it. Later, Jack had the necklace divided to share with all of Dina’s loved ones so they’d have a bit of her to remember.

At Devon’s big gala at The Grand Phoenix, Elena tried to question Nate about breaking things off with Amanda, but he felt it wasn’t the place to talk about such matters. Amanda was able to deduce that something happened between Elena and Nate. After Devon received his award, Elena finally confessed to Devon that she slept with Nate. Devon violently attacked the doctor as Elena begged him to stop, and Phyllis called 911 for help. Nate was left with a serious injury to his hand and nerve damage, and later Devon told Elena to sleep in the guest room, pack her bags, and leave in the morning. When Elena was finally able to check on Nate, he wasn’t sorry for what happened and told her that he has wanted her for a long time. Elena told him to stop and decided she could no longer volunteer at the clinic.  Meanwhile, Amanda tried to help Devon navigate through his anger and feelings but received another shock when a PI investigating her and Hilary’s supposed mother Rose was never seen pregnant, and one day a child just showed up.

Chloe and Kevin were surprised when Kevin’s mother Gloria was back in town, and Kevin was certain his mother was in some kind of trouble and hiding something. Later, both Michael and Kevin questioned Gloria about her job in Los Angeles, but she remained secretive. Gloria confided in Chloe that she has a wonderful life in LA, but admitted she was lonely.

Faith began sneaking around with an older girl named Jordan and was caught by Nick and Mariah in several lies, who wondered what she was up to. Nick and Sharon grew increasingly worried about her activities, and the fact she always seemed tired.

Rey and Adam traded verbal jabs and Adam goaded Rey it would never work out between him and Sharon, and that Sharon was his future. He had no idea Chelsea overheard until he found her at home with her bags pack. She told Adam that she was done with him forever!

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