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Elena’s confession was only the beginning!

They say that the truth will set you free, and it looks as if that was true for The Young and the Restless‘ Elena. No sooner did she come clean with Devon about having played doctor with Nate than her boyfriend severed the romantic tie that binds them. Now that Devon knows the truth, the story can move on to the next phase… which promises to turn several lives upside-down.

Truth be told, it was somewhat surprising how quickly Elena crumbled under the weight of her secret. And while there was probably still a whole lot of mileage to be gotten from the situation, props to the writers for opting to take things in the most dramatic direction possible… especially given that the reveal only opens the door for multiple stories as opposed to simply the question of when Devon would find out.

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Perhaps the most unexpected consequences moving forward could be felt by Nate. If, as Elena believes, he truly severed a tendon after being punched by Devon, that could be a major problem for the doctor. Because he’s been spending most of his time at the free clinic of late, it’s easy to forget that he’s actually a well-respected surgeon. Should he find himself unable to operate, that will have a devastating impact on not only his career, but his emotional state, which is already something of a mess.

It’s worth remembering that to this day, Nate still struggles with the fact that he was unable to save Hilary and her unborn child after the car wreck which landed them in the hospital. Had things gone differently that fateful night, none of the events which are currently unfolding would have taken place. Not only would Hilary presumably be happily raising her child with Devon, but she might even have reunited — and bonded — with Amanda, the sister she never even knew existed.

Meanwhile, Elena has had her entire world turned upside-down as she pays the price for her moment of weakness. Having been kicked out of her home with Devon, where will she turn for not only shelter but comfort? As portrayer Brytni Sarpy recently told us, “Elena doesn’t have much of a social circle of her own.” Ironically, the person she seemed most likely to become friends with was, of all people, Amanda!

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“They started to toy with that idea,” she continued, “but after those initial scenes, not much came of it.” Now, of course, we know why (although imagine how much more Nate and Elena’s betrayal would have stung if she and Amanda had actually become gal pals!). Elena will have some tough decisions to make in the coming days, the least of which is where to live. For example, will she continue to work at the clinic, putting her in constant contact with the very man with whom she betrayed true love Devon? Or would that be too awkward, especially now that Nate seems incapable of preventing his face from revealing how he truly feels about his co-worker/lover?

amanda and devon talk at penthouse on young and restless

“Would it be weird if I called you Hilary? It would, right? Yeah, totally weird. Never mind. It was just a thought… unless you’re into it… ”

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Finally, there’s the big question hanging in the air, which is how this twist of fate will impact Devon and Amanda. He’s spent weeks telling Elena that he sees the attorney as nothing more than a friend who happens to look exactly like his late wife, but was he lying to himself? As he shared stories of his life with Hilary, has he slowly been realizing that Amanda shares not only his late love’s face but some of the qualities which drew them together… and without some of the more dramatic tendencies which sometimes drove them apart?

By week’s end, we might have a better idea of exactly what’s in store for Amanda and Devon. When he suggests that they get together, will it be to offer one another comfort in the wake of the heartbreak each has suffered or to acknowledge what may have been bubbling just beneath the surface this entire time?

What do you think is coming down the pike for this foursome now that everything is out in the open? Do you believe that Devon and Elena can find their way back together, or have you been holding out hope that he would fall for Amanda ever since Hilary’s sis arrived on the scene? Hit the comments to share your thoughts, then visit the gallery below to relive the moment in which everything changed for Elena, Devon, Nate and Amanda.