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This couple might best be described as a beautiful disaster! 

We all know that old saying about how opposites attract. If it’s true that people who have less in common form the best unions, that might explain why The Young and the Restless’ Kyle and Summer have always found it so difficult to evade the notorious slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and just be… you know, happy!

This week, they could reach a major turning point when Summer finds herself having to make a major decision. Although Kyle last week vowed he is more committed to their relationship than ever, it seemed she was having second thoughts. Could those — combined with all of the people who’ve suggested she and Kyle are moving too fast — have convinced Summer to slam on the brakes?

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Jack’s son and Phyllis’ daughter have known each other since they were kids… literally!

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On paper, the young lovers seem like a perfect match. They’re both children of privilege who’ve managed to carve out successful careers for themselves that weren’t entirely founded upon nepotism. (That’s not to say it didn’t help that they were born into families who run multinational conglomerates, but each has proven themselves in various ways.) They’re both romantics of the occasionally hopeless, sometimes hopeful variety. It probably goes without saying — what with them being soap opera characters and all — that both are insanely good looking.

On the other hand, both also carry a whole lot of baggage — designer though it may be — much of it having to do with their respective parents. Jack hasn’t exactly proven to be a role model of stability when it comes to romantic relationships, and Summer is the offspring of Nick and Phyllis so… yeah, enough said.

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All of which brings us to the current state of affairs between the pair, who went from eloping to estranged overnight after she saw that he had been texting Lola. Since then, both have made ridiculously inappropriate decisions. His first action upon being left at the altar (or, in this case, at the hotel room) was to go hang out at Society, the restaurant at which Lola just happens to be the chef. Sure, he claimed to have thought it was her night off, but as she rightly pointed out, there were a whole lotta other establishments in Genoa City whose door the moping hunk could have darkened. How did the freshly-dumped guy top that move? By calling an ex! Because that’s what he needs, yet another woman in his life!

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Then there’s Summer, who left Kyle a note and ran off for parts unknown — only to show up in Genoa City dressed like Carmen Sandiego (because nothing says “discreet” like a ginormous hat and sunglasses, especially in a small Wisconsin town). She then lashed out at Lola, whose only real crime was, as Kyle put it, treating her ex with more compassion and understanding than he deserved in the wake of his grandmother’s death. (Someone should really teach Summer that if you want to spy on your ex, who happens to be a member of a rich, prominent family, setting a Google Alert is probably easier than hiding behind potted plants.)

YR summer spy outfit screengrab

Summer somehow decided this was the look that would allow her to go unnoticed.

Ultimately, it may be crucial for Kyle to figure out who he is and what he actually wants. (Translation: The writers need to figure out who Kyle is and what he actually wants.) Because he’s struggling in his relationship with Summer, who would seem to be his perfect match, but he also failed miserably in his relationship with Lola, his polar opposite.

From the moment Kyle and Lola met, he was drawn to her independence. They were from two different worlds, which in soap opera terms usually makes for the best couples. The tycoon (Victor) and the stripper (Nikki). The rich girl (Traci) and the gardener (Brad). Like those famous Genoa City pairs, Lola and Kyle should have faced difficulties (more substantial than him buying her an expensive purse) on their way toward true love. But we all saw how that worked out!

Now, Kyle is making the same mistakes with Summer he did with Lola — namely, rushing down the aisle despite the warning signs. Kyle and Summer share a much longer history than did he and Lola, but they’ve spent most of that time apart or with other people. They’ve never actually taken the time to get to know one another and what they are like together in a relationship.

Last week, we saw Summer thinking about high and low points in her relationship with Kyle. When finally he found her in the park and made his intentions clear, the look on her face made it obvious that she wasn’t seeing things quite as clearly. If anything, her Magic 8-Ball, when asked if marrying Kyle was the right move, was saying, “Ask again later.”

So what say you, gentle readers? Should Kyle and Summer move forward with their original plans to tie the knot or consider slowing things down? And is Lola more of a threat to their relationship than either is willing to admit at the moment? Make your case in the comment section, then visit the gallery below in order to relive Kyle and Summer’s romance so far!