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Will The Young and the Restless’ Billy gamble on love?

When Jill first threw Billy and Lily together to run the media division of Chancellor Industries on The Young and the Restless, they seemed like an unlikely pairing to be able to work as a team in the same office let alone anything more, but despite ongoing differences in opinion they made it work, and now it looks like ‘something more’ is a growing possibility…

If opposites attract, that might make the case for Billy and Lily, who definitely have different approaches to both work and life, and yet, are slowly discovering they may have a few things in common as well. Both take great satisfaction in their work and the success of Chancellor Communications, and as revealed in their conversation at the office after Devon’s gala, they may both be ‘dreamers’.

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One of the most enticing elements about a possible Billy and Lily romance is the slow build. Viewers have watched them discover new sides of each other through their working relationship, and have had a front row seat for those lingering glances, smiling exchanges, and flirty banter. It’s fun to watch the quizzical, thoughtful expressions cross their faces after an interaction as they realize something may be brewing between them.
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Their attraction isn’t out-of-the-blue either. Billy pursued Lily in the past by posing as a guy named Sonny Crawford online when he found out she was trying computer dating. Lily was surprised, but happy, to learn ‘Sonny’ was actually Billy. They began dating but the relationship was derailed when Billy admitted to Lily that he was the father of Chloe’s baby, not Cane. She accused him of scheming to keep her and Cane apart and that was the end of it. Billy later became a confidante of sorts for Lily when they worked together at Brash & Sassy and she and Cane were experiencing tension. More recently, it was Billy who visited Lily in prison to let her know that Cane had kissed Victoria, which proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for her marriage.
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Jack, who has become adept at reading his half-brother, saw the signs of an impending romance with Lily when Billy visited him after Dina’s death, and issued a warning about mixing work and romance. Not that Jack’s ever taken his own advice in that regard, and it’s almost certain that Billy won’t, knowing his penchant for taking risks.

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Will Billy roll the dice and mix business with pleasure where Lily’s concerned? If so, how will it affect Lily and Amanda’s relationship both personally and professionally should the newly-single Amanda re-evaluate her own interest in Billy?

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